Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED


(3dnotguru) #21

I have created landscape with grass (hair particles). Then used fractal generator to create image to put on landscape and environment. I added a tree (sapling addon). Finally I have added path curves as particles to visible volume.
A tree is symbolic here. It grows according to fractal geometry and this is part of universal laws which describes universe. Psychedelic colors show that experimental drugs can lead to new discoveries in our perception of the universe and ourselves. Tree can be interpreted as beginning of new life too. Relation to topic is that some people wanted to use all that in nefarious way.

(david.speer) #22

This is great advice.
You are the best Millani!

My only regret is that my renderbox is holding me back from B1tco1 m1n1ng.
Otherwise i’d send it over as a token of my appreciation! :slight_smile:

(RobertT) #23

I’m grateful you liked my project :smiley: Thanks for the kind words!

While I approach each project separately, there are a few approaches I tend to apply to all projects.

Probably the foremost “general” thing I do is try to push a project to the point I sense it begins to fulfill its potential (expressing the idea(s) strongly, technical and aesthetic considerations, etc.).

Many times a project never really gets there, but I don’t feel so bad if I can honestly say to myself I really tried :smiley: