Challenge #814 (25/01/19) Entries CLOSED

(derosaron1) #18

Well, I missed last weeks, cause I counldn’t think of something. But this week I came up the something.
Render with Cycles, 128 samples, denoise, with filmic. It’s also an open entry.
I call it “Reunion Of Two Warriors”.

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(fdo) #19


startet as a puzzle and ended fiddeling around with HOps ud Boxcutter. It mutated to some kind of scifi box but… it fits somehow.
Pure eevee render

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(Millani) #20

The Big Crunch

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

The big crunch is a theory which basically states that the process of the Big Bang will one day revert, and all atoms of the Universe will collapse into a single place. On that day, everyone will be reunited. :slight_smile:

I was really sloppy with the whole thing, but I like how it turned out.

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(BlenderRens) #21

Is the background procedural too? Mind sharing what technique you used :)? looks cool!

(Millani) #22

Thanks! Yup, everything is procedural. The background is actually made with planes with an emission shader. I have a weird node setup mixing noise and wave textures.
The basic idea was to convert object coordinates to spherical coordinates, and use this to make the curved nebulae.

Also, a great part of the look comes from the compositor.
Here is the raw render for reference:

(BlenderRens) #23

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: creative!

(purbosky) #24


Open entry, using MakeHuman for the characters. Cycles 256 samples + denoising, procedural textures only, compositing in Blender.

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(icyou520) #25

lol I put an emission shader on the Adobe logo. Not really sure why.

(Gourav) #26

Class of 2012
Cycles render
128 samples + denoising
Pure entry

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(SK0441) #27

Cars are fun :smiley:, aren’t they? :wink:

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(david.speer) #28

Returning From the Edge
Pure 1500 Samples

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(Francisco Charrua) #29

One of the things that amuses me in some challenges is seeing people try to place models, usually things they can do very well but are kind of irrelevant, in the context of the topic. well played :wink:

(RayVelcoro) #30

Stunning entry.


Yup, i observed the same quite a long time ago. Things get mixed up pretty easy…

Instead of playing, exchanging experiences, learning while having fun, the prime goal has become showing off - doing only what one is good at. Most often just doing that what one does best. So it became more of an anti-challenge really, since members compete against each other to see which one will be chosen as the best instead of learning how to overcome own flaws & caveats by complementing each other working as a team. Which would be great experience for those wanting to get a job in the industry.

Apology for OT, but felt a desire to express the thought incepted. :wink:

Keep up the spirit y’all!

(Michael Jones) #32

…my thoughts about that would be assets which they didn’t make for the challenge and had done a while back.
But either way… this car looks pretty handsome :slight_smile:

(david.speer) #33

Everyone should click on the thumbnail.


Ok,ok, I will be able to participate.

My pure entry, 500 samples and denoising, no post-processing :
Cheesy Reunion

Everything made in Blender for this challenge. I used Gimp to do a bump map for the texture of the wall. I used a semless photo for the wood floor.

I feel the fur is a little odd but, I participate to the Global Game Jam this weekend and and didn’t have time to make it look better. My challenges for this picture was to use the Principled BSDF node and to make a convincing expression. I think I succeeded ok.

Hope you like it!

PS: nice entries this week. It will be hard to choose.

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(RobertT) #35

Thank you very much, @david.speer

I had updated the image earlier to refine and clarify some of the details.

After spending so many hours on a project such as this, I sometimes feel concerned some people might skip examining an image (and not just mine) at its intended viewing size.

So thank you for encouraging people to look more closely :slight_smile: Always good to check out the details!

Great work, everyone!


(SK0441) #36

@fcharr :wink: I see what you did there.

(SK0441) #37

Thanks for that!