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(Millani) #14

If I post a WIP and do not finish it, wouldn’t that count as a cliffhanger (in the story telling sense)? :thinking:


Here is my pure entry : Jumping or not?

The mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) is an epic goat living in Canada. For this week topic, I thought : what a better climber than this goat! So here it is. It has 500 samples and denoising. I used a HDRI for the lighting and two photos for the rock texture.
It has 7 particle systems for the fur and 2 for the moss on the rocks. My computer crashed like 3 times and the render took 10 hours… Particles are heavy.
I used a little lens distortion and hue-saturation value correction in post-processing.

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(OLG) #16

lol. They should be connected. I think the weasel (or what ever it is) would prefer the ice pick over that rope. That would be like going from the frying pan and into the fire. :slight_smile:

(Francisco Charrua) #17

Last Page

Open entry, model taken from

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(Helge) #18


non-competing (pure), cycles (512 samples + denoising)

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(PyBlend) #19

"Falling Bonsai"
Competing, Pure, Cycles, 128 Samples, Denoising, Vignette

This was basically a doodle, roughly equal to drawing rectangles in MS Paint, but it was fun, and I like the result, so that counts as a win in my book. :grin:

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(Millani) #20

That “cubist” look is very cute. It seems like a scenario for a platform game.


The rock is really nice. Is it textured with bump and displacement maps or sculpted?

(purbosky) #22

Cliff Hangar

Open entry. Cliff texture is a combination of texture from and a bit of procedural one. Sunset/sea background is a textured plane object with image from Cycles 256 samples + denoising, compositing in Blender.

There are still like a dozen flaws here, but gotta finish it now. Monday is looming already.

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(Helge) #23

Thanks! No time for sculpting. :wink:
The subdivision surface modifier, a material with displacement set to ‘true’ and a few procedural textures are doing all the work this time.

(RobertT) #24

Here is my non-competing entry:


Please click/tap image for full resolution.

Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.

Image inspired by Jupiter’s moon Callisto and the general prospect of otherworldly lifeforms beyond Earth.


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(FlyingBanana) #25

anyone planning on trying their luck in the Nvidia challenge on artstation? The prizes to the winners are beyond awesome.

(BlenderRens) #26

Is there a face hidden in there this time? Took me a while to find in your last piece which was beautifully done! Great work again :slightly_smiling_face:

(RobertT) #27

Thanks so much, @BlenderRens

There are four, one “accidental” (procedural texture), one subtle, and two (if I did point them out) would be something you could not “unsee” afterwards :smiley:


(joshwinkler3d) #28

I have a great idea…

Pure entry

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(RayVelcoro) #29

I had a nice scene in mind with a bomb and such, but way too less time to finish it properly. Maybe I’ll use it later for something else;


Decided to go for something way more simple and ended up with this nice eevee render. its pure except for the character. Hope u like it!

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(purbosky) #30

@FlyingBanana: I already joined in, but won’t be aiming for the prizes due to my skill that’s still below average, just want to have some fun creating and learn something new.

@joshwinkler3d: I think the original one with vignette effect could create more suspense, but that’s just personal taste.

(Millani) #31

What’ll be of 1-CBD?

Pure entry. The poster was partially made with the help of Inkscape, the rest was made in Blender with procedural textures.

After being so careless in traffic, causing bus accidents and ignoring speed limits, the crazy bus driver (now officially called 1-CBD) was bound to one day get into trouble with the police.

What will happen to 1-CBD? Will he escape the police? Will he get recycled? And where is the apple? Was it kidnapped? Eaten? Could it be rotting in a dumpster?

Could this be the end of 1-CBD and his fruity sidekick? Find out the answer to those questions in the next episode!

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(purbosky) #32

Regarding the poster, I have a laser pointer, should that count. :smiley:

(Napivo) #33

@joshwinkler3d Maybe if we all move to the back we can some grip?