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Here is my pure entry. “Dueling Banjos” :stuck_out_tongue:

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(FlyingBanana) #22

At first I was thinking of doing the semi as well then second thought was dueling banjo’s which @MatthewK nailed as well and third was just doing a bland unoriginal dueling pistol which is what I went with.

(purbosky) #23

Settling Disputes - Gunboat Method

Pure entry. Rendered with Cycles 256 samples + denoising, using procedural textures, some compositing done in Blender, subtle blast effects added in GIMP.

Wanted to go Michael Bay-ish but not sure how many millennia it will take to complete.

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(didierv) #24

Calculator vs Abacus
Pure Entry
Blender 2.79 - Cycles (+ BlenderRender for some textures)

Fonts: Kindergarten, Prompt, and Digital-7-Mono from

I remember watching a documentary where there was a chinese grocer checking a sum with a calculator, then checking again with an abacus because he didn’t trust the calculator.
This documentary as well as videos like this one inspired me this scene.

More about the abacus :

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Challenge #817 Voting CLOSED
(RayVelcoro) #25

So many nice entries already! Lovely theme also. At first i wanted to model a somewhat simple chessmate situation with some pieces scattered around. However did not got a satisfying rigid body simulation result. So I gave that up. Decided to do a glass render instead. all modeled in blender, 1250 samples + color corrections within PS. Perhaps I give it a second render with different hdr/lighting to see what comes out. Hope you like it;


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(3dnotguru) #26

This is my OPEN entry “Raging bull
Cycles 1024s, Makehuman characters

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(Nitram_2000) #27

This musket looks super!

(Nitram_2000) #28

Nice mood. Mine is also boxing themed.

(Nitram_2000) #29

Here’s a WIP from me.

Just testing my shader setup. Hard to get the balance of “wetness” of old leather right.

Still more sculpting to do, then the colour map, lighting, and then composing the final image.

(Millani) #30

Bichromatic Duel

Pure entry. Everything made in blender, only procedural textures.

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Does anyone knows how to do feathers, I am struggling with hair particles and I want to find an other way to simply make feather on a bird character.

(FlyingBanana) #32

Similar to doing leaves on trees and such. Easiest I would believe is similar to the Gleb Alexandrov tutorial on spiderwebs. Mainly just using an image on a plane then alpha. But that would involve finding an alpha feather to use. You could always create one feather as well with particles and then bake it as a texture and use it as an image plane as well with transparency.

(kaidoe) #33

Love it, not often you see the old naval broadside technique in a space battle! How did you do the dotted lines of the lasers?

(Lalaland) #34

Duel in space.

Post processing in Photoshop.

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(purbosky) #35

Thanks! Well, given modern naval tactics, this might not be happening at all in the real future, lol…

As for the laser effect, it’s a simple mix of emission and transparent shader governed by musgrave texture to get random looks (other textures should work too ) :

The laser object itself is a straight (vector) bezier curve with a bezier circle acts as its bevel object, so that the positioning of the tip/end is easier rather than using, say, cylinder object.

Btw, would love to see your work continued later on. :grinning:

(purbosky) #36

There’s also a software called Abaqus, a finite element analysis program.

Abacus vs Abaqus … :laughing:

(OLG) #37

Wow. I see everyone brought their A game this week.

Spectacular entries this week. Voting is going to be hard.

(OLG) #38

Swan Song - Dragon Duel


Cycles, 1000 samples, filmic, sapling tree generator, slight post process with Paintshop Pro (contract/color correction, border, name)

An older knight facing a dragon as his last swan song.

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(skadoosh) #39

Hello guys! :smiley:

Haven’t been here for a long time, but i had some free time to do some renders.

Pokemon Master


Cycles, 256 samples + denoiser, post process in Lightroom and textures made in Substance Painter

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(Millani) #40

It seems we’re not going to have a duel, but a skirmish! :drum: