Challenge #817 Voting CLOSED

Nope, the land down under in the US …… Florida.

I’ve always associated OZ with Australia - I didn’t know the US has a down-under :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL its like a training course for Aus. Killer bugs, deadly sea creatures, and poison snakes. Not sure the rest of the states think of us here as down under though.

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The funny thing about all that is Magpies would go on that list too, at least you don’t have drop bears.

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Congrats @MatthewK and @Millani, looks like in the end it was a duel of time! :smile:

Thanks @icyou520 for the comments! Indeed the weak effects made this maybe the most subtlest space battle ever existed. If some dialogues or conversations ever took place, it may sounded like this:
Ship 1 : “Pew! Pew!”
Ship 2 : “Ah! It tickles!”
Me : * facepalm * "CUUUT!!!"

Seriously, I’m itching to turn those two into scraps. Okay, just kidding, I’ve planned to revisit this work later on and dump more warheads on the scene. Anyway, thanks again, giving feedback to 20+ entries is a great job, wonder if this break your commenting record.


Funny. The calculator is very similar to the original photography, the abacus, not so much.

The number on the abacus (if I’m not mistaken) is 142857. Most of the numbers I used in the picture are random, except for 1337 and 142857. Easter eggs for number fans :wink:


Congrats on this tight win, MatthewK! Though i did not vote for you it sure is a respected winning entry! Keep 'em coming.

Thx for your vote&kind words icyou520!

I used this very very nice hdr combined with a soft area lamp to get rid of some unwanted dark shadowed areas.

About the glass shader, I used a very sophisticated setup (*pun intended) what I am willing to share right here:

What gave me this result (1500ish samples + D-NOISE add-on);

Bringing back/tweaking the colors + clarity adjustments done with Camera Raw Filter within PS.

Pro tip:
About the shaders; the background is a mix of a white Principled Shader + a black Emission Shader (with checker texture as factor). I think the black Emission Shader really does the trick here. When i first uses black Principled the composition didn’t came back half as strong as it does now.



Oh wow, i didnt know that you can make glass in principled shader :o great to know. Thank you!

When using it, play around with IOR * Index of refraction

Can do great things for your (glass) render.

I love the idea of using a black emission shader. I’ll have to remember that one for the future!

@didierv, Numberfile fan? :wink:

If I told you it was made with metaballs, would you believe me?
I used the technique presented by Gleb Alexandrov in this video:

Thanks for the comment!

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Congrats on ur runner-up position, Millani. Also well deserved!

I spend some time with the .exr u provided. Gave it some slight color corrections, amped-up the saturation, gave it bit more contrast, and added some lens distortion to track the eye to the centre of the image. Hope you like it a bit


Thanks everyone, this week was so great. I’m super proud to be doing these with ya’ll. A great bunch of talent here and I love seeing what everyone comes up with each week. Thanks again.

What will be the new theme, Matthew?

now it’s Portuguese :slight_smile:

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I sent it to Helge a little while ago so it’ll probably be posted soon.


That looks pretty cool! I should’ve added the lens-distortion effect. It gives the image a feel of motion blur without having to animate all 10M vertices. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This involves 3D geometry, procedural textures, and some compositor nodes.