Challenge #818 Voting CLOSED

(Nitram_2000) #21

The real MVP!

This post cracked me up. I just hope you didn’t poach those puns from someone else.

(Francisco Charrua) #22

Frying Banana has egg shelled at puns this week :wink:

(FlyingBanana) #23

Nope, although it is time to eggsercise my brain to try and hatch an idea for the new challenge.

(purbosky) #24

There are just too many eggs in one basket… I mean, one forum here.

Btw, ‘eggs in one basket’ still egg-ligible for the next theme, right? :egg:

(Mr Lobo) #25

Eggceptable choice that @parclite wins

(Lin Kros) #26

Congrats Parclite👊…Really like your egg!