Challenge #819 (01/03/19) Entries CLOSED

I am sure that had to be quite the challenge. I have a touchscreen laptop I use and I think I have only used it a couple times to zoom in and move around a webpage screen. Never even attempted to use it for blender. Good job getting that kind of result just with a touchscreen.

"Club Mango"


@Photox Is it just me or did you even add some fuzz to the skin of the fruit? I opened it in another tab and zoomed in and it looks like you even got tiny little hairs on it.

Short answer, no. No hairs. There are many tiny beads of water which on phone screens might look like hairs.
Long answer, yes! Well, not really. I used a node trick to make the mango skin skin lighter colored at glancing angles. It is most visible on the left, red, edge. This is to fake microscopic hairs that are only visible on steep viewing angles as they “stack up”

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Ok cool beans, love it! Yeah I was worried my old age is starting to get my sight LOL

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@RayVelcoro How much longer did the draw edges add to rendertime? I have done them with another render but with clay, no materials? But I tried it with my “Duel” pistol render and once it rendered the main material portion and went on to the calculating edges portion it sat there for an hour and just kept counting up the estimated render time and it never went down. Stayed at 99% the whole time. I haven’t tried it with just a clay render to see if it was cause I was using 4-8k textures but don’t think that would make a difference.

I made a wireframe viewport render as well and composed it with the scene render within ps.

Ahhhh ok. Gotcha. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Speaking about wireframe render, I’ve been looking for this too actually, especially to render the wireframe that displayed on edit mode (original mesh), as using wireframe mod usually results in a dense mesh corresponding to the subdiv level. Finally got a satisfactory solution as stated here, using the freestyle method mentioned in the last answer.

Here’s my result, the left is the rendered image, on the right is the wireframe in edit mode :

In case the Freestyle Line Set is not appearing, it’s in the Render Layer tab, which will only show up after the Freestyle is checked in the Render tab. I’m working with 2.79 btw.

I had been looking at still lifes (still lives?) the past few days for some reason. I’d filed it away as something to try soon. I’d noticed these funny glasses in a lot of Dutch paintings. Roemer glasses google told me. I started this late this afternoon and ran out of steam. The composition is poor. Don’t look too closely at the shoddy texturing on the weirdly small loaf of bread. I plan to do a proper thing in this style soon.

Oops. My first entry to one of these challenges. This would be classed as ‘open’. I used Substance Painter for some of the texturing.


Yeah that is how I was doing it as well, freestyle/draw all edges then enable it in the render layer properties as well. The other method is using blender internal that actually draws the same topology but then you can’t render out the scene with the quality as cycles. I wish the option for wireframe in the modifiers tab or the node editor actually rendered the actual quad topology and not tris.

Not an entry

This was my bionic WC entry done with a wireframe clay render and the freestyle draw edges. I was trying to do the same with my 2 week previous Duel flintlock pistol entry but with the textures and not a clay but my laptop just hung up on the rendering the wire portion at 99% for hours.


Pure entry
Blender 2.79 Cycles


I’m amazed how many submissions there are this week!

I’m sure there are still more to come.


Ah, yes, I once got that problem too. The example above is just a small portion and using 10 samples only, and already took some time to render the lines.

Still life



non-competing (pure), cycles (512 samples + denoising)



Open entry, using textures from for the table and wall, subtle HDRI background from Cycles 128 samples + denoising, procedural texture for the tea set, compositing in Blender.

Wireframe (rendered with 10 samples for blurry shadow effect) :


very awasome!

I’m pretty much done now, perhaps some slight adjustments coming up. modeling done in blender, (color) corrections; PS. Pure.

Still Life

Also made a quick vid of some composing steps.


A lot of great entries !

Here is mine : American Way of Still Life ! This is a Pure Entry.


"Still Life?"
Competing, Pure, Cycles, 256 Samples, Denoising

Ok, so I’m a little off theme this week, but I wanted to experiment. I wanted to see if I could do a futuristic/sci-fi still life, and figured: “A robot fits under the classification ‘man made’ and if it’s not doing anything it should be fine.” Well pareidolia is pretty powerfull and this turned into more of a character scene. Oh well. :grin: