Challenge #819 (01/03/19) Entries CLOSED


Fruit Bowl

Apple model from strapazie at Blendswap
Phone model from sriniwasjha at Blendswap
Background image from George Hodan

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(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #42

"Aegean Life"
Pure, Competing.

2.80, Cycles, 750 samples (Denoised).
Everything is created by me except the fabric texture which is from .

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(joshwinkler3d) #43

Updated my entry. I’m keeping with my default shapes theme from last week, should be able to upload a larger one later.

(John Malcolm) #44

Another site to add to my out-of-control Blender and CGI shortcut list :slight_smile:

(Dominic Henry) #45

" After-Work Personal Time"
Blender 2.79b cycles
Pure Entry

I did everything in Blender except for the cloth which i found the texture at I made through great leaps on this one and if i have time to improve and updated. Also great theme. ps i look for stainless steel jugs so i thought of a concept in my head for the shape for the Jug.

(update) so i did some more tinkering and made it a little brighter and also add a second banana.

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(purbosky) #46

@FlyingBanana, nice take on the bottle label, lol! :smile:

Btw, I rendered my scene with texture and freestyle and worked just fine (about the same render time with clay/simple material) :

I then made several teacups quickly by setting the table as emitter object (I wished it emits donuts or pizzas instead) and… legend has it that it still render until this very second (because my laptop stopped responding then). Here’s a snapshot taken before ‘disaster’ :

I was using simple material this time, so it seems to be affected more by the the amount of lines/edges. Not sure if this is also the problem on your pistol render. I’ve read that breaking down into several render layers and composite them then can help solve it.

(Gabriel Garrod) #47

Here Is My Entire for the contest in my new blender for few weeks now. Thanks for taking a look.

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(FlyingBanana) #48

@Logical_Mind_Develop welcome to the weekend challenges and blender! Think of it as a good starting point to get your feet wet sharing your works and possibly in time grabbing the coveted WC Trophy (no trophy actually exists, but it is still fun) Pretty much everyone here is willing to help give some advice such as RayVelcoro and purbosky has been doing about my wireframe rendering attempt.

@purbosky Ok whew, I kinda hoped that was my case as well with the pistol render. Didn’t try it on my desktop that could handle a lot more than I am capable at throwing at it. But I had a feeling I might need to composite it as RayVelcoro mentioned as well. Thank you for taking the time testing that out and seeing if you could get the same issue I had going. It was just weird cause it rendered it fine with a clay render with freestyle but the minute I loaded and rendered with the textures it hung up. Also apologize to your laptop for me please… :slight_smile:

(Helge) #49

First of all: Welcome to everyone new to the challenge! Nice to see so many great entries.

Btw.: Last week was a new 2019 entries record (25 entries, 23 competing). Maybe we can break that one tonight.

As said above, changing the rules is rather difficult. However, getting rid of typos and updating outdated parts sounds reasonable to me. I’ll get in touch with @Fweeb in order to check out if there is something we can do about this, as soon as I find the time.

(purbosky) #50

No problem, I was curious as this also happened to me once, I even ‘had’ to crash it twice before realized something was wrong but didn’t know what exactly. As I was only playing around that time I didn’t research further -until now. So thanks also for that, now we can have some techniques to deal with it -though some problems still remain, I guess. Gonna try it on a contest entry for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

(joshwinkler3d) #51

Maybe you could also call it Still Alive? :slightly_smiling_face: I do enjoy a burger occasionally though.

(RobertT) #52

Here is my non-competing entry:


Please click / tap image or this link until at full resolution.

Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.


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(FlyingBanana) #53

Whew, I was beginning to worry. Didn’t see a post by you. :slight_smile: Awesome as always!

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #54

I wish those CC0 texture websites gather under the same roof. There are plenty of them but providing textures inadequately. Here is my bookmark list:


Also please consider making it a Wiki topic (so that we can provide such updates/fixes etc.). Restricting wiki edits to some user level could prevent the possible abuse as well.

(wallacemarino) #55

Here is my OPEN entry. The skull and heart pendant models were appended from other projects, otherwise it’s all new and original.

Cycles 200 samples

Lots of good entries this week

Good Luck Everyone

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“Frozen Dinosaur”
Pure entry (background from HDRI Haven)

I was torn on whether to do a frozen creature or an actual fruit bowl. I could’ve used more time to light this one properly, but I think it turned out OK. It’s good practice, anyway.

Good work, everyone!

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(BlenderRens) #57

wow nice work! It looks cute and the ice looks really good! Would be interested in seeing this with scales/croc skin instead of hair! But you got me googleing and I found that some scientists believe dino’s had feathers o.0


Here is my Pure entry. Cycles Render.

I was practising/ learning some geometry and noticed this challenge.
Completely last minute but wanted to submit something.

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(mediaklan) #59

“nature morte”
Non-competing, couldn’t finish in time - -’

A mix of texturepaint and procedural. Initially, I wanted an arrow planted in a apple, with a partial wireframe render for the arrow.

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(Jason van Gumster) #60

I’ll look into doing updates as well… of course, if you have an update or a list of edits ready to go, that just makes my life easier. :wink: