Challenge #820 Voting CLOSED


(domosk) #21

Thanks, I enjoyed this one a lot.

(mediaklan) #22

Lucky you. Not a single soul watched mine even one bit ^^’.

(Helge) #23

That is strange indeed. Maybe voters just do not expect videos inside the entry list. That being said: the overall click/zoom rate has always been surprisingly low… (just ask @RobertT about it).

I’m not sure I understand. Isn’t the image being displayed? It looks fine to me.

(mediaklan) #24

I meant “voted for mine”, sorry. No display problem involved ! I just have to do better next time.

(Helge) #25

Ok, thanks. I switched the markup from html to markdown lately. So, something could have been broken.

(mediaklan) #26

About that, what’s the markup to display the thumbnail picture with a link to the full resolution one ? For some reason, It seems I constantly have this wrong in some way.

(Helge) #27

Fortunately, when you upload an image, discourse does all the work. For the voting post I just take the original image’s url from the entry thread and use it like this:


In this case, discourse will take care of the thumbnail.

If I need to use a specific thumbnail (like for Roberts’s entries) I usually use this:


However, there is probably a better way to do this as the above is just linking to the original image - instead of displaying an overlay/lightbox. I’ll have to check this out some time.

One last thing: Discourse has been updated lately and there have also been a few new image features. @bartv posted some details on this right here:

(didierv) #28

Don’t worry @didli. I did many challenges before I got my first vote. Keep trying :slight_smile:

(Dominic Henry) #29

Nice work. I really like the inside of the earthing. wondering how to do it ?

(FlyingBanana) #30

@didli as didierv mentioned, sometimes votes just don’t seem fair and can kind of be discouraging as well. I have been doing these weekend challenges for a while now and it wasn’t till recently that I have gotten any votes. And sometimes even now I don’t even get any votes. But doing these keep me in the mindset of starting something and finishing it. Also helps as sometimes it just helps provide me with a topic to try and create something with when I have a creative block. Keep at it and sometimes voters are just set on a type of look they are looking for and thats why those get the votes. And it isn’t always the most complicated scenes that win either.


I created a particle system using 8 different simple ladders and plates. I then dispersed several thousand them over a bunch of parallel planes inside of the planet. You can also use booleans to cut away at the planes and control the shape of the final particles.

(Dominic Henry) #32

Awsome !!!

(mediaklan) #33

@FlyingBanana wow, my thoughts, exactly. This is what I like the best in these challenges : sticking with something from start to finish, and a new topic everytime to try something new about Blender.
Now, to be honest I’m not exactly disappointed either way : after all, I wouldn’t (and didn’t) have voted for mine either ^^’ (and I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon considering the amazing entries every time).
Anyway, thank you all for your encouraging words.

(OLG) #34

The aspect I enjoy from the WC is seeing the creativity you all bring to the table regardless of skill level with blender. You guys are awesome.

Many times, if not most, the winning post is not the most technically proficient piece but a render that touches some emotion.

For myself, I try to limit myself to just a couple of hours so it pushes me to learn new techniques and processes to get faster at modeling and think outside the box. My brain box is pretty small.

@didierv, sorry for not opening the animation. For some reason my brain saw it as still render. Pretty cool. I vaguely remember the launches on TV. I watched it on an old console CRT TV. It is amazing those old vehicles are still functioning.

(Nitram_2000) #35

All of this! It helps to get the creative juices flowing and pushes me to learn some new techniques, and, well, basically makes me model. I always hated modelling but now I’m starting to get into it a bit more. The WC’s have really helped with my Blender skills.

(Jason van Gumster) #36

And #featured Weekend Challenges are back!

My apologies to the winners of the last couple of weeks. I was traveling for work and didn’t leave the task for anyone to do it my absence. I’ll have to find some clever way of making it up to you.

In any case, congratulations to everyone who participated (and won)!

(Euv Oaht) #37

Oh man, I was late. I’m glad the winner has chosen and his/her piece was amazing. Even other entrants’ piece were awesome as well to look at.