Challenge #831 (24/05/19) Entries CLOSED

Hell’s Gate

Pure entry. Blender 2.8 + Cycles 256 samples + compositing, procedural textures only.

Just experienced my first ever 2.8 crash. I was using version 2.80.72, and it seems to be affected (not too sure though) by the principled shader that now has alpha/transparency and emission included. Abused them a lot here, worked fine in viewport but once it started render, Blender closed right away. Switched to the previous build (2.80.60) then.

Btw, just checked the website and it looks like there’s a newer build come out today. Yey.


Isn’t that what we always do in this forum… ? :joy:

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Coincidence? :wink:

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… i do think so :thinking:

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LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Morning Ritual - pure entry, 400 samples, denoise
"Hot coffee and the book in the morning. It’s kind of ritual I’d like to perform everyday right after getting out of bed.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Coffee Run

I think this will do. Pure entry, rendered in eevee. The animation apparently took 4:30 to render?

Music: Ben Sounds

@Helge You can choose which would be best to attach to the voting thread.


Rite Gone Wrong

After showing a few people my work I’ve realized that what’s going on in my render may not be as clear as I first thought. If anyone wants to have a stab, I’d be interested to hear it :laughing:

I must say, what a great choice of theme. Very fun to work with :smile:


Coffee Summoning Ritual

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender with only procedural textures.

I guess I went with the coffee crowd (even though I don’t drink coffee). All coffee drinkers spread roasted beans on the table before drinking right? It is what all reference images told me…


I think I saw one floating bean, not sure if that’s because I just drank coffee…

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Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles render, only procedural textures.

Approached as a speed model / project (close to an hour altogether).



Ancient fencing mask. :stuck_out_tongue: :person_fencing:

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Thanks! We went to the zoo last weekend. Inside the desert building they had a whole bunch of Sacred Scarabs on ritualistic duty. These are funny creatures. :slight_smile:

@‘Everyone new to the challenge’: Welcome on board! You picked a great week for entering.

(As expected) Tom’s theme has already inspired a lot of great entries. I guess, we will have a few very interesting voting days.


Ancient Gods. My first shot at this weekend challenge thing. Still a few aspects that need fixing (light, composition and some foreground detail), but there is a deadline for a reason I guess. Pure entry as far as I could decipher. Feedback most welcome. Greetings. more on instagram


Scattering those beans is all part of the ritual. They say that it makes the coffee taste better. I don’t drink coffee either so I don’t know for sure😅

Something strange is going on here. How can takeaway coffee cups be a problem if almost nobody (me neither) is drinking coffee? OLG, purbosky, FlyingBanana and mirek_snd can’t be responsible alone!? :wink:

I drink enough coffee to make up for the non drinkers. :wink:


Lets just all have a beer :rofl:

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Guess there is this week. Didn’t have time last weekend :confused:

Right there with you. I don’t drink water, coffee is a perfect substitute. If a coffee emergency develops switch to tea.