Challenge #831 (24/05/19) Entries CLOSED

Isn’t that what we always do in this forum… ? :joy:

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Coincidence? :wink:

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… i do think so :thinking:

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LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Morning Ritual - pure entry, 400 samples, denoise
"Hot coffee and the book in the morning. It’s kind of ritual I’d like to perform everyday right after getting out of bed.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Coffee Run

I think this will do. Pure entry, rendered in eevee. The animation apparently took 4:30 to render?

Music: Ben Sounds

@Helge You can choose which would be best to attach to the voting thread.


Rite Gone Wrong

After showing a few people my work I’ve realized that what’s going on in my render may not be as clear as I first thought. If anyone wants to have a stab, I’d be interested to hear it :laughing:

I must say, what a great choice of theme. Very fun to work with :smile:


Coffee Summoning Ritual

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender with only procedural textures.

I guess I went with the coffee crowd (even though I don’t drink coffee). All coffee drinkers spread roasted beans on the table before drinking right? It is what all reference images told me…


I think I saw one floating bean, not sure if that’s because I just drank coffee…

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Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles render, only procedural textures.

Approached as a speed model / project (close to an hour altogether).



Ancient fencing mask. :stuck_out_tongue: :person_fencing:

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Thanks! We went to the zoo last weekend. Inside the desert building they had a whole bunch of Sacred Scarabs on ritualistic duty. These are funny creatures. :slight_smile:

@‘Everyone new to the challenge’: Welcome on board! You picked a great week for entering.

(As expected) Tom’s theme has already inspired a lot of great entries. I guess, we will have a few very interesting voting days.


Ancient Gods. My first shot at this weekend challenge thing. Still a few aspects that need fixing (light, composition and some foreground detail), but there is a deadline for a reason I guess. Pure entry as far as I could decipher. Feedback most welcome. Greetings. more on instagram


Scattering those beans is all part of the ritual. They say that it makes the coffee taste better. I don’t drink coffee either so I don’t know for sure😅

Something strange is going on here. How can takeaway coffee cups be a problem if almost nobody (me neither) is drinking coffee? OLG, purbosky, FlyingBanana and mirek_snd can’t be responsible alone!? :wink:

I drink enough coffee to make up for the non drinkers. :wink:


Lets just all have a beer :rofl:

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Guess there is this week. Didn’t have time last weekend :confused:

Right there with you. I don’t drink water, coffee is a perfect substitute. If a coffee emergency develops switch to tea.

It looks good, i am just surprised by the light, it is night isn’t it? i would have chosen a more moonlight color from the window. The sky is polluted? i also think that the light on the right wall is quite strong compared to how much it does not reflect on the other ones, what do you think?