Challenge #831 Voting CLOSED

you now decide what the topic for this weekend will be :slight_smile:

Usually Helge would congratulate you and ask for the theme for next week through private message (you decide the theme as the winner). The voting should have been closed too but seeing nothing happened yet it looks like he’s still busy, so I’d say just wait for Helge to message you.

Anyway, early congratulations on winning this week! :smiley:

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Good job @Sanidhya_kabeer :wink:


Congratulations @Sanidhya_kabeer!


Best award ever :+1:

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That is how the official winner announcement should look like every week. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! The coveted Golden Suzanne™

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…but for now Mr. Skeleton will be resting in his coffin :grin: :sleeping::skull:

Congrats @Sanidhya_kabeer amazing work :heart_eyes:

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 831 with votes from 41.2% of the voters is… Sanidhya_kabeer!
Here’s to all the great participators…

The Summoning Ritual

Congrats @Sanidhya_kabeer quality win.

That was one heck of a dramatic pause before revealing the winner😂
Nice one @Sanidhya_kabeer you nailed it!

Lol, i voted just before voting was closed.

Congrats to @Sanidhya_kabeer

That was the plan until a fever knocked me out yesterday evening. After a little 15 hours nap, things are already looking a lot brighter, now. :wink:


Great work everyone :heart:

Rest in peace :skull: :wink:

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Thanks everyone for such great appreciation and enjoy the next weekend challenge and good luck.
Have fun.:grinning:


Looks like @KickAir_8P entry turned out to be somewhat of a prophecy…? :open_mouth:

Good to hear you well again Helge, now the weekly ritual can proceed as usual. :grinning:

Yeeps! Sorry Helge, glad you’re feeling better.

@Sanidhya_kabeer: congrats!

Thanks to the four people who voted for mine, glad you liked it.

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I’m glad you’re alright, I was worried that you’d be cursed after instigating so many rituals at once!:skull::mask::ghost: