Challenge #831 Voting CLOSED

Congrats @Sanidhya_kabeer amazing work :heart_eyes:

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 831 with votes from 41.2% of the voters is… Sanidhya_kabeer!
Here’s to all the great participators…

The Summoning Ritual

Congrats @Sanidhya_kabeer quality win.

That was one heck of a dramatic pause before revealing the winner😂
Nice one @Sanidhya_kabeer you nailed it!

Lol, i voted just before voting was closed.

Congrats to @Sanidhya_kabeer

That was the plan until a fever knocked me out yesterday evening. After a little 15 hours nap, things are already looking a lot brighter, now. :wink:


Great work everyone :heart:

Rest in peace :skull: :wink:

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Thanks everyone for such great appreciation and enjoy the next weekend challenge and good luck.
Have fun.:grinning:


Looks like @KickAir_8P entry turned out to be somewhat of a prophecy…? :open_mouth:

Good to hear you well again Helge, now the weekly ritual can proceed as usual. :grinning:

Yeeps! Sorry Helge, glad you’re feeling better.

@Sanidhya_kabeer: congrats!

Thanks to the four people who voted for mine, glad you liked it.

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I’m glad you’re alright, I was worried that you’d be cursed after instigating so many rituals at once!:skull::mask::ghost: