Challenge #839 (19/07/19) Entries CLOSED


Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

In a distant future, farms are replaced by artificial structures that generate highly nutritional organic material inside egg-shaped containers. When ripe, these containers are collected by giant robotic spiders because real spiders are not creepy enough.


Anyone else having issues with the latest RC2 ? Getting crashes like crazy and sometimes it closes halfway through opening. Not hardware related i7 32 gigs of ram and 8 gig MSI gtx 1070.

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I had no issues with it, but then again I barely did anything. I imported all the objects, I fiddled with the ground, and with some of the particle systems. I have a Ryzen 7 1800X, with 32G, and an ASUS 1050 ti with 4G.

Haven’t used rc 2 yet been using rc it can barely hold my scene had to make two scenes to make two layers so I could render it. Ill try rc 2 some time I was waiting for the final release though while trying the others.
Rc keeps crashing on me when I do big scenes.
Had to reboot my computer like 10 times to finish my scene think goodness it saves Every time right when it crashes or I would be back in the middle of my scene. :grin:

Mine is a an A8-6410 APU with Radeon R5 graphics, 2000 MHz, 4 core, 4 logic processor(s)
6.44 gigs vr memory, 4 gigs physical, X64 bit.
Touch screen.

If I had your computers.:drooling_face:

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Well most of the time I do most everything on the laptop, then take it to the desktop for rendering. The laptop is only a second gen i7 with 16 gigs of ram ( maxed for that laptop) and 2gig nvidia geforce mobile GPU which may be the cause for the crashing as mobile GPUs are on the bottom of 2.8s priority lists.

You’re gonna have to rename yourself midnight potato :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing that you have 2.79 on your laptop. If that’s the case then the RC is not fully ready.

That’s what I use I don’t have a desktop just a laptop for where I live a desktop is to big right now have three people in my house with three room me having the smallest.

It renders slower than slow but it gets the job done that’s how I learned to get my scenes done so fast for the WC model fast render slow. :joy:

You know you can get a laptop with more processors I think they go up to 12 processors

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Actually I have 5 blenders on my laptop 3 are the beta test I am doing for a custom 2.8 build for use with HitfilmPro the current blender official build RC2 and ole trusty 2.79b

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I have all of them from the 5 series to now on my computer. :sweat_smile:

In the older ones you can make eye textures in blender

Yeah that’s more money than its worth. And a bit overkill for a laptop. Just recently did alienware start offering laptops will full upgrade ability.

Lol, ya but it’s like an old beat up car you get for $500 it will get you where you need to go and in the long run you get more than your money back if you can afford it

“Autumn Sunflowers”
Non Competing
Not much time to devote this week, so just a quick bit of random particle fun.
Cycles - 100 samples


OMG I just found out that my processors are only working at 5% lol I was looking through my power options to change when the battery charged in % and I started laughing when I saw this. :joy::rofl:

I’m looking at it and thinking how good will it work if I go 50%. :thinking::yum:

Ok looked again that’s the min the max is 100%

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Looks like I’m going to be pulling an all nighter again my renders keep freezing had to do alot of decimating and taking out some stuff that was insignificant.
Samples were at 500 for both scenes had to drop them to 50 to get the renders done on time you can see aaallooootttt of the detail in it since it 4k.

That’s ok mine is a little on the dark side of things. Should have it up later today.

Sounds like star wars lol.

Everyone keep telling me my scenes were a little dark so I turned my brightness down half way and I’m working on half of what I was working with, so my scene might be super bright like the sun or outside.

I’m using my custom toon shader for the skin, lips and tongue of the characters super real better than most of the skin shaders I’ve used reacts to light at different angles just like real skin does. :grin::+1:

Testing it out to see what everyone thinks before releasing it, it works in cycles and eevee both if you remember the " tools of the trade " WC challenge it was the first test for the shader this will be the second test

Ok @Helge I will let you call this one. If it is too far over the edge I can take it down. I am blaming spicy food, insomnia, and Stephen Kings “IT” on this entry.

Pure Entry, Cycles, Filmic, 32 samples Denoise used

“Organ Harvest”

P.S. @Midnightcpu Told you I went dark.


Don’t think I’ll make this round got one layer rendered and the other is putting up a fight doesn’t want to render :unamused: :pensive:
I rendered the scene for a pre render but now it doesn’t want to render🤔 but I fell asleep during the render guess it’s going to take time to render the second layer