Challenge #845 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme:

Don’t touch that!

Which entry would you like to see win?
(If you cannot decide, pick up to 3.)
  • dat_boi
  • pb3drender
  • jutu74
  • Anam_Shahid
  • MarcTeuber
  • SkyBlue77
  • pelemele
  • RayVelcoro
  • fcharr
  • bstabens
  • purbosky
  • gumenas
  • 3dnotguru
  • Harris_Siompos
  • FlyingBanana
  • NadirP
  • putr_corps
  • MadeWithFeet

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After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on: Wed, Sep 4, 2019 11:00 PM.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile:

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

This week’s winner:

Pure Entries

dat_boi: Don’t touch the cactus

pb3drender: Don’t Touch my bark!

jutu74: fidnale

Anam_Shahid: Desire

MarcTeuber: render1

SkyBlue77: Near Miss

pelemele: The new cleaning robot from Aperture Science Lab …

RayVelcoro: don’t do drugs

fcharr: No Picking

bstabens: WitchCaravan2

purbosky: Mind The Laser !

gumenas: IT contest

3dnotguru: pin

Harris_Siompos: I dare you…

FlyingBanana: To Touch or Not To Touch

NadirP: B3D 2.8 - PS

Open Entries

putr_corps: Sacred Totem

(All modeled this weekend. I used world machine for the terrain and Photoshop for the color correction, everything else is made in blender.)

MadeWithFeet: Touch me:

(Open, used plenty of textures and gimp.)

Non-competing Entries

Helge: Sea Wasp High Five

Millani: Unstable Society

i´m already excited for the next week’s topic !
I voted for @pb3drender(that composition with the branch in front :heart_eyes:) , @NadirP(I just love hardsurface, probably because I’m too bad to compite :sweat_smile:) and @purbosky (the color palette…classy)

P.S: this week was very competitive…loved it



@dat_boi congrats on a cute winner. And awesome entries everyone!

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And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 845 with votes from 43.2% of the voters is… dat_boi!
Here’s to all the great participators…

Don’t touch the cactus


@dat_boi, congrats! :cactus:

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thank you so much

thank you for the support