Challenge #85 Entries (23/01/04) CLOSED

Theme #85 for 23 january 2004 is: Mission to mars

Use your imagination to put a creative spin on the recent news about mars missions. What happened to the missing probes? Will they find anything? What would a manned mission to mars look like in the future?

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 26 january 2004.

If only the Beagle 2 probe worked, if only…

btw, it’s pure.

Space hostler.

Nice topic, thought this one might pop up.

Ice found on Mars. 14hrs 43 mins to render. :< :<

Good luck all,


I did some post processing here, so,… open. No explanation necessary.

place holder :smiley:

Pure entry, a alien blowing up a marsexplorer.
I had not that much time so…

Why we can´t contact the probes

I´m pretty new so this was a nice introduction in particle systems.

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Well I’m going to put up a placeholder even though this weekend I can’t get votes. I might have something…dunno. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Why do so many missions failed :

full :

Did not have much time today

<edit> pure

I’m in…PLACE holder

American Patriotism:

[edit] damn :< :< …really nice topic but i don’t have time to finish

will try…

Have seen so much pictures of mars lately, that I went for something completely different. I hope everyone knows this kind of chocolate bar… :slight_smile:

Textures created with The GIMP. The rest is all pure blender.

The big picture:

Have a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

haven’t done much blendering lately, but this is the kinda topic i like.
Hopefully i’ll get a decent idea.

A mission to Mars using a next generation rover that can separate and fly, soar with the space eagles, sample the atmosphere humans will likely one day pollute once the colonization begins, take pictures of the little green people that in the past would quickly run to hide behind the rocks and sand hills when land based rovers came around… you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Click the thumbnail or here to see it.

If the web browser squeezes this to fit in the window, try to maximize it for the complete effect :wink:

Pure rich creamy blender madness (using bfblender binary 1/15/03) with the obvious exception of the title and showing three different angles of the rover. The third angle shown is a lame attempt to show how this thing would take off and uses overexposed particles, insufficient motion blur, and the often abused zblur plugin :smiley:

Some clarity was lost due to evil jpeg compression, but that’s life on a web host with limited space and bandwidth :slight_smile:


hmm… mabey ill actuall do this weekend challenge (unlike the last 2 weeks) :-?

placeholder please!


errggh!!! ran out of time - ive got finals this week :< :< :<
dont worry - all kick all yall’s butts next weekend! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lichen covers one of the thousands of probes dropped on Mars in the 22nd century to terraform the surface. A dust storm, rare in these northern latitudes, approaches.

Pure, some gimped up textures (including the dust storm)

Awesome contest! The guys at work were talking about something like this. My entry is an .AVI. Here is a single frame from it:
And here is the actual entry:

Just sumthin’ 'bout those little green men that gives us all a giggle.

Edit: The entry is pure-ish. Only the title cards were done in GIMP, the [horrible] sound done with Sweep and wedded to the video with Cinelerra. The actual fun wackiness is all Blender, including the video edits.

Space dozer.

I mean placeholder

Below is my pure entry. I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to this weekend, and I may still work on it a little before the challenge ends,but this pretty much the entire draft.

“Martian wildlife outsmarts NASA (except for one [thats gotta hurt])”

If that doesnt show for some reason:

Probably doesnt need copy and pasting, but it might.

Placeholder :smiley:

Edit: …maybe, I have to see how my studying goes, I have an exam on Monday. :-?

ehm by the way the ESA probe is not missing anymore.

ok, well…


That´s it, i said it! I just said place-holder!

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