Challenge #853 (25/10/19) Entries CLOSED

Ugh sorry to hear it. :frowning:

The autosave didnt have a working file created?

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Grey Haven
"It is well known when peril falls upon travelers of the deep roads one must only make it to the lights of Grey Haven and all will be well.

Pure - 2.8
Post processing in Blender, Gimp


@MatthewK glad to know they allow the gladiators to have a birthday party before heading into the arena. :wink:

Not an Entry


Welcome @Manitoadlet, very ambitious indeed. Populating such a scene can be quite a challenge. Speaking of educational I would recommend Ian Hubert’s tutorials they are a good resource world building.

Apparently there is a .blend1 file in the same directory, but since it did not show up in Blender’s open menu I didn’t realize that. So I didn’t lose anything, except that I feel really silly now. :confused:

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No need to feel silly, it has bit me a couple times in the past as well. But I guess losing only 2 minutes worth of work is a lot better than the whole thing.

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So I finished what I started last weekend, gave it a render, messed around with the compositor, and then I called it finished and closed blender. I went to upload the image here so you guys can see it and, guess what… it turns out I forgot to save the image. :stuck_out_tongue:

This just isn’t my week. I better lock myself indoors before I get hit by a car or something…


No need to feel sily

If I was to guess, I would say that you regularly work on animation projects.

I actually have no idea how to make an animation in Blender. I used to mess around with Adobe Flash when I was a kid, though.

Do animators frequently forget to save their work? oO

A guess from my part, since when you animate, all your frames are automatically saved for you.