Challenge #855 (08/11/19) Entries CLOSED

may the spore be with you, always :wink:

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Pure, modelled, sculpted, texture painted and rendered (cycles), blender 2.79


Hello i have a question please regarding pure/open entry distinction. For textures/materials, if i understand correctly, Is the line drawn on everything that is not fully procedural? i.e without any external input of any kind on any material node? Regarding HDRIs and background images (or images used but not as part of focal element/ main subject)? I have seen entries in the past using such being added as pure so that confuses m a bit. Thanks :smiley:

@Atalluc: The rules aren’t very specific regarding this matter. Usually, using textures should not affect the entries category (pure/open). (However, creating a scene with only a plane, placing a photo on it and calling the image a pure entry would be a little cheap. ;-))

Just try to be fair. It is always a good idea to add a little description to the entry post. So everyone can decide for themselves.

But ultimately, the decision is up to you. And in the end the category doesn’t mean all that much, anyways.

I don’t know how much you changed, but I don’t think that you should call this one ‘open’. If you are unsure about this, just post an image before and after the gimp changes. :slight_smile:

"Hot Spot"

non competing (pure), cycles (256 samples + denoising), blender 2.81


Awesome, I played frostpunk recently the steam hub and generators had this effect.

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Great, thanks you very much for your answer :smiley:

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Unfinished, Non-Competing

Unfortunately I will not be able to finish this, but you can see what I was trying to do in this WIP.
Good luck everybody!


Here is my entry. :grin::yum::smirk:

" What were these called again :dizzy_face: "

Eevee pure

28 samples

Composited in blender with prewit, kirsh, fog glow, ghosts alpha overed the same image with a blur node at 3 scale by 10x10 then alpha overed into the bottom socket leaving the top socket open to change the background color dark blue

Everything is new

Basic colors red, white and baige with bump into normals waves, noise and magic textures

A little sculpting with geometry pulling and pushing

This is all basic it took me 30 min to do .:grin:


Thanks, I never heard of frostpunk before but based on a quick google image search this looks very fitting. :slight_smile:
I was inspired by the black smokers in deep sea. I had to scale down the idea a lot in order to finish it in time. I could probably spend weeks on this one…

It was a little late yesterday, so I forgot. But did you try denoising (even better in 2.81) for this one? 4000 samples sounds really high and time consuming to me. :slight_smile:


I had no idea that is what they were called, knowing will probably
come in handy one day.

It was using denoising, I’m not using 2.81 yet (thanks for reminding me). The problem was the two mushrooms in the foreground ended up very noisy and denoising caused quite a “cloudy” texture - this was what I touched up in GIMP. I left it running overnight to see if 4000 would help, it didn’t look too different to 1000 so I’m fairly sure I just have a bad setup between the lighting of the fireflies and the volume scatter. I’ve not used volume scattering successfully yet so still need to learn more about that! Thanks for the suggestions though.

Such a brilliant idea! :laughing:

Lol, I would have made my own leafs used physics, the partial system and a little wind with vortex to create a little spiral to help spread them around. :grin:
Might have key framed when the vortex was on and off.

Mossy Mushroom

Open entry.
The Moss and Leaves are from the graswald addon. Rendered in Cycles all Compositing done in Blender.


Bus Stop.
Pure - Eevee


So, sure thing, I was doing a trail on one of the forests close to me (next city, I live on Brazil) yesterday, have the perfect photoscans for the job today. let’s plant them mushrooms!

Brilliant! :smiley:



Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

I discovered this weekend that blue mushrooms are actually real!



Pure entry, 2000 samples.