Challenge #857 "Mythology" (22/11/19) Entries CLOSED

Anubis and Bastet
Open entry for the egyptian textures.


So, after three days of pain, here is my entry:
“The Monkey King”
open, cycles, blender 2.81

a thumb:

full resolution image here:

This is Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, from the Chinese classical “The journey to the west”. Fun fact, this is the inspiration for the character Goku, from dragon ball z. So, if it is looking like anime, that’s not a coincidence.
I tried to do something that would make justice to the absurdity of the powers of this trickster immortal monkey, So, a full on battle scene.
I marked this entry as “open”, since I used this assets:

I had sculpted a monkey head already when I found this by accident, so i ended Up merging both monkey kings, and re-rigging the result.
I also textured the armor from the second asset, and rigged it as well:
Anyway, glad I finished. Turned out worse than I wanted, but better than I expected.


I remember watching a movie about the monkey king several times when I was a kid.

I think you did a really good job with the character. The main thing in the image bothering me is the lack of visual contrast: The whole battlefield has mostly the same colours at the same intensity. Adding some big shadows cast by clouds or by the mountains might improve that.

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The Well of the Mimir

Pure entry. I made the details on the tip of the horn (barely visible) with Inkscape, the rest is made with Blender using procedural textures.

In Norse Mythology, Mimir had a well which provided him with knowledge. He drank mead from the well using a horn.

Odin, thirsty for the knowledge held only by Mimir and his well, traded his eye for a chance to drink from the well. Odin returned to Aasgard very concerned, for he had learned about the end of the world.


Pure Entry - Cycles

“Mythical Cracken Birthplace”


Pure Entry. (all but a rock and grunge image from my collection) Eevee render.


Yeah, I noticed that. I tried to add a lot of layers and stuff, but it ended up too chaotic. the thumbnail looks better than the final image…

Those are some of the first concepts, i had this idea of great magic stuff and all, but, in the end, i just wanted to be done with it. :grinning:
the lightning was kinda made to add contrast, but it gathered way too much attention away from the main character, so I had to take it off, but the uniformity of size and overall texture on the soldiers kinda brought everything down a bit. trying to crunch the contrast on post ended up making the scene unreadable, just a chaotic mess. It is a little better if you look the full resolution image on a big screen from an unhealthily close distance, but I don’t reccomend it.
tl;dr: I noticed that, I’m just too lazy to fix it. or maybe i’ll have a look into that tomorrow, idk. thanks for the critique, i think we both saw the same movie. it’s very silly.

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Think about that, you want that knowledge so bad you trade an eye for it, than when you get to drink, it just tells you you are going to die on the Ragnarök.

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Cycles, 2000 samples, particles systems, Graswald ($), vignette and text added with Paintshop Pro.

Installed 2.81. Some nice updates.


Down the pipe


Cycles, 100 samples, made in Blender 2.82


Here is my non-competing entry:


Please click / tap image for larger view.

Pure Blender 2.81, Cycles.

Inspired by the tale of Theseus, the Labyrinth, Minotaur, and Ariadne.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a poem about this story:

Ariande Disentangled



"Lightning in a Bottle – Pure Zeus"
Competing, Pure, Cycles 256 Samples, Denoising, Compositing, 2.80


Title: Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer)
Pure Entry (obviously)

As usual, ran out of time, but I’ll post what I have.

I decided that instead of just copying the Avenger’s model, I would try to use my own ideas.


The holy Grail.
Rendered with Cycles with 100 samples. I go in as Open entry because i used a lot of textures from and .


Legend has it…that Brian the snail realised his grave error in scale after his seventeen year journey…

Eevee…2.81, for the remesh pure


and competing…

Welcome back! Long time no see :smiley:


Nice to see you back in a weekend contest! I’ve missed your unique style, and the poem’s great too. I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting All Poetry before, so thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, beau11 :smiley:

With the little free time I have these days, I’ve been giving some more attention to my writing than in years past.

Still love the WCs, though!

Thanks so much, Imaginer!

In truth, I’m “here” regularly but not able to develop entries as often as I did before.

I’ve worked on entries for several WCs between now and the last one I entered, but they remain unfinished.

This WC entry I was able to push enough toward what I hoped it could represent, so I’m glad to have pulled that off :smiley:

Thanks for reading my poem!

I’ve been writing poetry for a very long time, but I haven’t published much of it over the years.

AllPoetry is particularly nice because it does for me what Blender Artists WCs always do:

challenge me to improve while exploring a wider realm of ideas while among other very talented and inspiring individuals working in their own styles.

Over there, though, I do compete :wink: