Challenge #866 "Shattered" (24/01/20) Entries CLOSED

Pure - eevee - 2.81


It is still sharp
Cycles, Bleder 2.82

The second time that I have recreated a scene from the lord of the rings for a weekend challenge.


As always nice theme!

Did some glass today. Used the cell fracture add-on as u might expected. Perhaps gonna change it some later on this weekend. Cheers!

Broken Heart


Wooooo my render is almost 8k resolution at 48 samples have to do some masking, compositing then add another model and it will be ready. :sweat_smile:


“Its been remade!” :sweat_smile:

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PURE “bananized”


Wake up, wake up ! Wake up I said !

Pure - Cycles - I used a texture for the numbers.

Hi everyone. I’m glad to participate for the first time, it was a good exercise!


You’re killing me!!! Hahahaha nice one.


I don’t know which one to enter they both look awesome In the compositor??? :exploding_head::dizzy_face::no_mouth:

“Shattered Dreams”


Blender cycles 2.81

4096x2160 resolution

75 samples

Composited in blender

Two textures one For the butterflies and and for the rock beside the mud.
I use a custom node setup I made for the butterflies this morning to get them at different colors.

The mud is procedural.
The texture on the skeleton is procedural.

The trees are tree sap with procedural textures I was trying to turn the textures 90 degrees but I couldn’t if I could it would have looked better I’ll try to fix it later so I’ll have a procedural tree texture

The ground was sculpted

The butterflies are on partical hair with the plane proportional edited on random to make the them look like they are at different heights.


Shattered in shattered, a video
Pure. Eevee.
No addons, only basic animations.


That is why I started to add the new theme to the entry thread’s title, some time back. This way, it just can’t be ignored (that easily)! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the show! Nice entry, I think, this happens to me every morning. :wink:

Just checking: Are you sure you want to enter this one in the ‘open’ category? It looks rather pure to me.

Embedded MP4! Well, I think, that is a first… I just updated my scripts to cope with this crazy new world we are living in. :wink: (Nice one btw.!)

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Thank you and sorry if I give you more work :upside_down_face:

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Biohazard Containment Breach
Pure, Competing

Blender 2.81 Cycles + Compositor
256 samples (denoised)

I used the lens distortion node quite aggressively in this scene. You can see the intense colours and chromatic aberration in the image.
The darkness help to hide the lack of textures in the scene. A lot of the surfaces are just a simple principled shader.

I will probably update this submission later as I am not entirely satisfied with the shattered glass. Perhaps a procedural node-based solution would work.
Edit: Updated my submission.


Lol, I know 90% of the stuff I make should be pure, buuutt I make the call by how I feal about it.

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Hey, I thought that was your entry - till I looked at the name :banana:

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Thanks! And ‘open’ it is :slight_smile:

Anyone know where I can learn to code python in blender.?:grin:

Been thinking about studying to program in blender python.

Here’s my first iteration.


Took me a very long time to model everything and get the smoke and lights where I wanted them…


Think I figured out how to create a totally interactive crowd simulation will start testing in a few days. :grin::exploding_head: