Challenge #866 "Shattered" (24/01/20) Entries CLOSED

I have just realized what is missing in challenges since a while - RobertT remarkable entries.


He is still around and watches the weekend challenges. He had an entry a little while back and is still doing them but he is also doing writings as well.

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It’s a spectrum exploding from the ground???. :exploding_head::scream:

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If anyone can use this this is how I change colors of textures. :grin:

It works when you duplicate a model.

Shuttered wave


“Shattered Peace”, Pure, Cycles


Breaking the Bank
Pure entry


Here is My entry for this week… Shattered Mind"

Blender 2.81 Evee


Shattered Soul

Non-competing (pure). Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

My first plan was to make a featureless face exploding from the inside, with the “soul” shattering the body.
At some point my sculpting developed into a horned demon for some reason, and then things really stopped making much sense.


Haha I do that with my sculpts. If I get a proportion off, my brain justifies it by turning it into a demon or an alien or something and I just continue down that path.


Know what you saying My sculpting gets way out of hand sometimes I put so much detail in them that my computer can barely handle it and I can’t do anything with them as far as retopo its not an option then. :no_mouth::sweat_smile:

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Are you using DynaTopo or Pablo Dobarro’s new remesh? You’ll find the slow down starts at a waaay higher polygon count if you use Dobarro’s voxel remesh!

Nope just blender my vert count can get up to like 10,000,000 when I start sculpting I’m using a lap top with a quad core don’t have a desk top

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Both dynatopo and Pablo’s remesh are actually in Blender 2.8 by default, they’re sculpting methods. Do you sculpt with multi-res?

Yup, very seldom use dynotop

Ah, well voxel remesh is also much faster than multi-res! Of course you don’t get the advantage of being able to step up and down detail levels, but I definitely think it’s worth it! You should give it a try! I also sculpt with a laptop. I use a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop.

Mines just a HP notebook touch screen. :grin:
I push it to it’s limits like I did my old computer It was an hp notebook duo core could only get like 2,000,000 vert’s on it that’s how I learned to use procedural textures and outside textures to make up fore the lack of detail. :sweat_smile::grin:

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Yes, it really is great what you can do with procedurals! The current nodes are incredibly flexible, but I do hope they keep expanding on them! I love new tools.

Lol, ya I just bypassed rotoscoping entirely with the compositor today I started on the nodes yesterday. :grin:

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