Challenge #869 "high density" (14/02/20) Entries CLOSED

High Density Plating


Cycles, 500 samples, rendered at 4k, hull node ($), post processing with Paintshop Pro, Shadermap Pro


Gold is pretty high density.
Cycles, pure


Fading City
open Entry , Cycles , colors and clouds in GIMP


Can’t study density without looking at the subject’s volume first. Suzanne’s volume seems, a bit much…




A High Density Low Poly Forest
Inspired by Fire Watch :slight_smile:


It’s a whole lot of thingy mijigers coming out of a whatcha macallit connected to that thingy mobob. :sweat_smile::grin:

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Is it that easy to decipher? You nailed it on the first try!

This is awesome. That is all.

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Den City pure Cycles render, 512 samples

Took inspiration from South-Eastern Asia, and got a pretty good result !



Pure entry.

Blender 2.82 cycles, 300 samples with AI quick D-Noise.

My original idea was just out of control and was taking way too long to finish. As such I modeled a single cell, spewed a couple thousand of instances of it out of a particle system, threw some lighting on it and sent it to render.

The original render was going to be 4k at 600 samples, but it was less than halfway finished at abouty 4:00 pm EST, so I dumbed it down to 1920x1080, dropped the sample rate to 300 and let 'er rip to get thgis rendered in time.

I did include AO and dynamic shadows, but as the cells are translucent, it may be a bit tough to tell. Without them there was little to no differentiation between cells. I liked the subtlety of the textures, but I wanted clear differentiation between each instance.

I’ll include the motion blurred non-entry in a comment below for anyone interested. I was originally going to do a composite, but there are just too many bouncing rays to get it done in time.

Anyway, win or lose hope y’all enjoy.


This is fantastic. Nice work, how long did this take you?

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Actually several hours… This was my first environment render, so I had to play around a lot with the composition. Thanks for your comment!

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non competing (pure), cycles (256 samples + denoising)

Because of an high density weekend, I didn’t have the time to finish this one. :fish: :wink:


Somebody is a fan of Ian Hubert’s Lazy tutorials…
great comp work, lots of in-world connected elements detail. wish I had the patience to do something like this!

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Wow, this look so real!

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I suffer of the same problem, always having to cut from the original idea to be able to get it done in time… guess we always imagine the best possible scenario, right?

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it’s thanks to mantaflow and filmic. I actually sped more time fiddling around with the shape and position of the space-time warping donut than on the smoke sym. open vdb and improvements on cycles performance with volumes also helped a lot.

It’s a pain trying to come up with an idea some times my first idea was two boxes one small and one large the small box had radioactive substance in it the other had water didn’t like the idea and I came at it from a different angle. :grin:

Like heros brother said on big hero 6.

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i was actually thinking of try some environment scene,
any tips or good resource that you find helpful?