Challenge #875 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme:


Which entry would you like to see win?
(If you cannot decide, pick up to 3.)
  • gabrielg1976
  • astiero
  • RobertT
  • fcharr
  • Watndit
  • RayVelcoro
  • PyBlend
  • didierv
  • catblue44
  • Allen_m
  • Millani
  • OrganicAdapter
  • 3dnotguru
  • JohnCheathem
  • OLG
  • Komojo

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After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on: Wed, Apr 1, 2020 11:00 PM.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile:

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

This week’s winner:

Pure Entries

gabrielg1976: The Meeting of Two Colonies

astiero: I should have stayed home.


fcharr: Extraterrestrial

Watndit: Potatoe Colony

RayVelcoro: Fam. Covid

PyBlend: Research Station

didierv: Bee colony

catblue44: Colony

Allen_m: Only ones Left

Millani: Colonization of Jubeeter

OrganicAdapter: Reed

3dnotguru: John

Open Entries

JohnCheathem: Mars Colony Transformation

(Open entry i think, downloaded textures. Rest made by me.)

OLG: Bee-Ware

*(Open only because I screwed up. Without thinking I applied the hair systems, saved and closed to work on it later. I created 35,000 hair objects. No way my system could group that many or grab that many without huge lag. I checked. The autosave did not save me.

My workaround was to render the image and then create some displacement maps with Shadermap Pro and then bring back into blender as stacked images.)*

Komojo: Princess Mira Visits the Workers

(Open entry (using characters I started making a few weeks ago))

Non-competing Entries

Helge: Multiplanetary Species

Ryeath: Doomed Space Colony

purbosky: Hatchery

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A bunch of nice entries everyone.

@catblue44 Your render instantly reminded me of an old (from the 80’s) Macgyver episode when killer ants demolished a village.

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You get a pun! You get a Pun! Everyone gets a pun!


And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 875 with votes from 41.5% of the voters is… gabrielg1976!
Here’s to all the great participators…

The Meeting of Two Colonies


love the idea: the bug colonies representing the micro organisms of each population. Congrats Gabriel!

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@gabrielg1976, Congrats! Sharp looking render.

As always, thanks to those who threw a vote my way.

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