Challenge #883 "Alchemy" (22/05/20) Entries CLOSED

“like a fish in its anemone” (Pure eevee)


Red Health Potion


Cycles, 5K samples, hdri

Something super quick just to add something. Just spent the last two days modeling for the CGBoost challenge and I’m modeled out. A quick thanks to everyone on here. I really noticed my speed and material application knowledge way up. I have to attribute that to these fun challenges making me look at new procedures and techniques. Different skill sets for different areas of 3d art.


Midlle ages alchemist chamber


Hello, here’s my work in progress, based on the Elixir Of Life! I’m hoping to have time to work on texturing tomorrow.

The hand is by far the most challenging thing I’ve modelled so far, but I’m actually quite happy with it as a first attempt.


Was pretty disappointed noticing I missed the “Ancient ones” so I had to make it up for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

“Alchemist” (how original!)

Pure, Cycles

(I always assumed that using a few freely available textures and still tweaking them should not be a problem for “pure” classification - as discussed here above)


“Mercury Lab”
Pure, Cycles

This idea stems from some of the history of alchemy (thanks mostly to SciShow ( There were old reports that electricity run through mercury could create gold. Using this and some old battery history ( I came up with this scene!


I went and rendered out my scene with more samples to get rid of the rough volumetrics. It took 1 hour to render and looks so much better. That was the only thing I changed and I updated my original post now.

Not sure what everyone else thinks about it - whether it is considered submitted now or earlier. You can compare the images there if you want. I don’t mind what happens, really.

“Alchemy of love”
Open entry


Fortunately, this is one of the things the rules DO cover:

“[…] the submission time is taken as the last edited time of the submission message, or the message creation time if it hasn’t been edited.”

But you are right, in the end, it doesn’t matter all that much, anyways. :slight_smile:

Blackbird ECO :four_leaf_clover:

Pure, Cycles
Based on Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird
That theme was a struggle :stuck_out_tongue:


"Morning Glimmer"


Reminder to U.S. participants, it’s Monday! I keep thinking it’s Sunday, because today is a holiday.

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Here’s my finished version of “Elixir Of Life”

Pure, Cycles.

Texturing is hard :rofl:

I think next week I’ll try to make something with fewer components so I can spend more time focusing on texturing.


During these home-office times, every day feels like Saturday to me. Which would be fine, except that everyone has to work on Saturdays now…


My Entry

  • “The OG’s Of Moonshine”
    Open: Used the MTress add-on for the trees and MakeHuman for the people, also the ground and moon where a few downloaded textures which i merge and mixed together.
    Rendered at 4k with Cycles and 384 samples along with using the AI denoiser.

Ended up turning into more of a Wiccan scene ( with beakers ! ) rather then a Alchemy, but who’s counting :wink:
The bubbles laying in the moonshine where an array of balls dropped to a collision plan, the floating bubbles are a particle simulation along with both fires. The sky, clouds and stars are procedural and used the World properties to add a scattered volume to create the mist (at .015). Did a little playing around in the composition tab, ran the mist into a mixer to control it a little more and used a color-correction node for the main scene.

Heres a shot of the wip i posted above:


“Life Juice”

Pure, Cycles


Alchemist’s Table

Non-competing (pure).

I decided to revisit one of my very first renders, dated 2015:

I tried to keep more or less the same story while remaking all the models and the environment.


Crafty coin

paper Mario color splash coin, Pure cycles. :smiley:


@OLG, @TheRandomGames, @SidewaysUpJoe: Thank you all for your encouraging remarks about my entry!

@Photox: Awesome render!

@Helge: Great fun as always!

@unyxium: Beautifully done. I would not be surprised if that won!

@Ledger9o9: Very nice idea and presentation! The isometric style really suits your image.

Everyone else: Nice to see so many variations on this theme. Well done!


Human Recipe



Cycles, Pure