Challenge #884 "Butterfly" (29/05/20) Entries CLOSED

“Emperor Butterfly”

This was a fun topic :sunny: :slight_smile: .


I noticed that you updated your entry to say it’s Open, however I am still seeing the same image, which was originally published on this forum back in July 2019.

Of course, @Helge can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think if you were to model a new background and combine it with this image, you should then be able to enter it as Open.

Other than that, on its own, I am not sure it qualifies for as a de facto WC entry (i.e. something made during this specific Weekend Challenge time frame).

What really helps is that your background color is uniform and easily isolated (e.g. instantly selectable in GIMP’s “magic wand” / Fuzzy Select Tool, and therefore removable if you have an alpha layer).

Then the isolated render of the fairy would be easy to combine with a newly modeled background element.

I certainly hope that makes sense. Just trying to help!



A Butterfly Flaps It’s Wings
Open (Model from Mixamo)


Indeed, depending on the circumstances, the rules can be a little vague (e.g. regarding the use of add-ons or premade texture images). Over the years, we spent a lot of time discussing this and for now, it seems to be the best way of approaching this by taking the rules as guidelines and letting the artists decide (as they are the only ones who really know how an entry was created). :slight_smile: (It doesn’t matter all that much, anyways.)

However, one of key characteristics of this challenge is the short period of time, in which everyone comes up with an unique idea, finds a way to translate that idea into an image and persuades all the vertices to hop into the right place.

So, all competing entries should be created for this challenge and within the set time frame. Of course, that doesn’t mean that images made for another occasion can’t be submitted. We have had a lot of these over time and most of them are very inspiring and a lot of fun to look at (like your butterfly lady above). But in order to keep things as fair as possible, these will be considered ‘non competing’ entries.

Not going to correct anything here. :slight_smile: In fact, any new and substantial change to the image would probably work just fine. And after that, we will dive into the next round of our famous pure vs open discussion. (I’m just kidding… strike that… really… please, not again. ;-))

Looking at the time, I think, I should really start putting together some kind of entry…

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non competing (pure), cycles (128 samples + denoising)


On Wings of Blue

Pure entry, 1000 samples.


No reason aside from the idea popped into my head :slight_smile:


Thats really cool.

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“Butter Fly”
blender 2.79, cycles 1000 samples + denoiser


Nice one…

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“Butterfly Valley”
Pure, Cycles, 64 samples.



Non-competing. Cycles, procedural textures, texture painting, BG from Unsplash.

Alternate version :



Paper Butterflies - Pure - Cycles - 512 Samples

This is my first submission ever, fell in love with these contests some time ago when I saw the silhouettes contest

I hope you guys enjoy it


“Rest” - Pure - Cycles - 10000 Samples

First time doing a weekend challenge, had a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing more in the future.

(I used an hdri, not sure if that makes it open as the rules aren’t really clear. I’d be glad to change the classification if I’m wrong.)


Don’t worry:

If you can honestly say to yourself, “Yes, I mainly used Blender to make this”, “Yes, nearly all of the foreground models are new”, “Yes, most of the models are new”, then the entry is Pure.


Nice one! More animals should switch so that kind of life cycle. You would probably see a lot of strange remains. Just imagine stumbling upon a bunch of Blue whale pupae. :slight_smile:

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Butterfly Rollercoaster Track
Pure, competing

Blender 2.82 Cycles + compositor
256 samples


Is this a submission?
You forgot to add the title and whether it is pure, open or non-competing.

Hello, here’s my entry for this week!

“Butterfly” - Pure - Cycles

I kept the modelling to a minimum this week as I wanted to focus on texturing. I feel like I’m finally starting to get my head around using nodes. I’ve still got a long way to go but I’ve definitely learned a lot this week :slight_smile: