Challenge #885 "Alternatives" (05/06/20) Entries CLOSED

“Weapon of Choice”
Pure, Cycles

I loved the theme this week! My entry is based on some of my favourite video game weapons that are often overlooked compared to swords and guns. Here’s to all the Bards, Beastmasters, Geomancers and Gamblers!

I’m quite happy with how this turned out. I wanted to spend more time texturing the harp and the background, but I don’t think I’ll have enough time before the deadline. I feel like my work is finally starting to get a bit closer to how I picture the scene in my head :slight_smile:


Head or Tails? Choose your alternative wisely.

Pure - Cycles - 128 Samples - Non Competing

Even thought I’m not in the competition for this weekend, still wanted to do something for the theme.

This is an animation to explore Rigid Bodies mostly, took 4 photographs from a Coin that I brought back from Budapest last year, that was a really good trip and I wanted to make something special out of it.

Just used my phone to take those pics so the Quality isn’t amazing, but the modeling and texturing was pretty fun and the process with high quality tools would be the same.

Here at 60FPS 1080P

Just used a texture from TextureHaven and an HDRI from HDRIHaven, this is a 5 object scene.

Coin - Glass - Plane where coin falls from - Tablecloth - Passive Rigid Body box


This is offensive.


“In Search of Alternatives”
PURE entry, eevee
The planets are image planes from Pixabay.


My first attempt to participate Blender with 3 mth+ since started using Blender for “after effect” to video.

Alternative Flames of choice. Choose between
Dwarf Flame, Frozen Flame, Elf Flame or Dark Lord Flame

Category : Pure (all blender)
Image below (also a video of it - just for fun after it)

Here’s a short video on this theme … just for fun


Resubmitting as jpeg file (244Kb) - less than 250kB competition rule.
My mistake on earlier upload file in png file and did not scale down.


Here is my entry:


Pure Blender 2.82a.



If you find a little drawing offensive just wait till you find out about police brutality!


The other one better?
Pure entry. Cycles.
All textures procedural.

Some of you may remember that mouse from the challenge 767 “Victimless crimes”. This one could be a sequel.
I had to recreate the mouse mesh, the old one was too bad to be fixed for this new scene. So everything is new here.


And you can just wait until you find out about the brutality that the police protect us from! Should we tar all the protesters by the rioters and looters actions, just as should we tar all police with the actions of a few?


@rarebit @linuus
Judging by the current news regarding the topic, I would kindly ask you to make some off-topic thread to “discuss” this before you set the weekend challenge and everyone on it on fire.

Also, the image in question is quite open for interpretation, and whether it resembles the situation where you live is up to the viewer to decide.

And let’s try to keep it that way. :slight_smile:


Actually there is little interpretation needed. He has stated the political point he wants to make from it. It is ignorant as well as a lie that an entire profession is corrupt. There are isolated cases like there are in any field but some folks like to live in a world of victimhood.


Lack of Alternatives

Non-competing (pure). Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

Ended up not having so much time for this entry, so I had to make it quick.
I spent most of the time trying to make a procedural tile texture with micro-displacements. It is not working as well as I wanted, but I learned a couple of things about making procedural textures.


Pure, Eevee

First time rigging a model.

If anyone knows of good mouth modelling tutorials I could really do with one


If you have the patience, you can look up Riven Phoenix on youtube and udemy. He’s very methodical, I tend to overlook allot of the detail he invests in, for the sake of my own sanity. Having said that, I’ve learned quite a bit from his tutorials.

Here is my entry for this week. “Doors”
In first place I wanted to model a cool charakter because I was lacking a good idea.
Pure, Rendered in cycles. Textures are from

By the way what is this weekend challenge rule that images may not excede 250kB ?
This seems very small to me and i often see entrys have bigger filesize.
Is that a relict of the past or something?


“Alternative milk”
Pure - Competing

Cycle (1024 samples + optiX denoising)

Almonds positionned using rigid bodies
Milk done with fluid sim (it is quite hard to work with it corectly !)


I asked some times ago and apparently the files size limit is not relevant anymore.

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“Alternating Disorder”
Pure - 1024 samples
Another week with more particle systems. :slight_smile:


Alternatives- Choose wisely. PURE - Cycles