Challenge #886 "In the Shadows" (12/06/20) Entries CLOSED




“Siren head spotted!”
Eevee, 16 samples, pure

i actually have a quick thing to say, i wanted to make this a LOT more detailed (detailing the siren head model i made) and i originally had a completely different scene planned, but i was not on my computer lately so i had to make it today before the deadline. also, i was planning on making a siren head model for fun anyways, but then i saw the theme for this week, so i thought i’d do a siren head thingy, anyways, i hope you like it!

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Welcome on board! Nice entry, keep it up. :slight_smile:

Hi! It must have been years since we saw you entering the weekend challenge for the last time. (2017?)
Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcin! I tried to get as much light as possible into this shadowy entry. :sun_with_face:

I had to google that one… I think, I’ll probably avoid forests for the next week or so. :wink:

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Master Of shadows

Pure, eevee

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I think, I saw someone writing/replying just a moment ago. So, I’ll keep the entry thread open for another 30 minutes, just in case. :slight_smile:


“Think Big!”
Pure Cycles.
I waited way too late to start this project, this is the first render… just trying to get it submitted on time. :upside_down_face:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Helge, yeah that’s probably about right. It’s been awhile.

You’ve got me thinking about the size of eclipse shadows now. Apparently they’re much bigger. I’ll resist a rant about relative sizes and distances.

Nice job with the planet. Is the blue halo on the planet a compositing effect or something fancy like subsurface scattering?

That’s some nice grass. Is it just a hair system?

Yes. I over layed a voronoi pattern with some yellowing and hit the entire thing with a turbulent force field. The rest was just a lot of fiddling with the hair system.

I have no idea what the actual size is. I just went and tried to fit a moon and planet with the shadow all in one image. If it were modelled accurately based on the actual size and distances, the moon should be twice as far away, but being mostly dark, I made it closer to be seen at that angle as an artistic choice.

The atmosphere isn’t done with the compositor except for some post processing glare. The actual atmosphere is a volume scatter node (with colour ramp used to get the fade).

Ah, I’ve used clumping when I’ve tried to hair in the past.
A turbulent forcefield sounds far more sensible

Ho ho, bringing in specific numbers. The moon looks like it’s about 1 earth diameter away. It should be over 30. People always underestimate that

I’ll have to look into volume scatter nodes. It’s a nice effect

I went and checked my scene (which I never saved the progress for the moon, but there was an autosave so I could check).

It turned out I really got it far from a real representation of the Earth and the Moon, much more so than what I thought I had put it at. I made the final positions in the set camera view and so I just scaled it and moved it so it looked good enough. The funny thing was that I already knew that everyone underestimates the distance whilst I too was underestimating it when getting the positions set.

So for my scene, the moon is actually the distance of two planet widths away and the moon is also a bit smaller than our Moon.
Notice I never said it was our Earth or Moon for my scene. Whilst I wanted to get a somewhat realistic representation, in the end I just went and made it whatever size I wanted with the idea that it is now an alien planet and not our Earth, but I can see how it definitely looks like I was trying to get it realistic.

Here’s some screenshots of it from a different angle:

Also, I thought you might like to see the nodes for the atmosphere:

Might need some adjustments to get the right scale - the atmosphere sphere is approximately 2 metres in diameter.

It’s true you didn’t. The moon would be need to be bigger too in that case (about 1/4 scale of the earth).
I think a single large moon is quite rare astronomically Jupiter has 79 but they range from 1/14 to 1/69,000 the scale of Jupiter.

It’s a nice scene. Thanks for sharing the node setup

I love the style you achieved here, this seems to be straight from a comic book page. Any chance that you can share some insight or maybe viewport screen? :slight_smile: - how much this is in modelling and lighting vs i.e. compositing and post-process?

This is one of my works where I was in a rush so I pulled out all the cheat techniques I had to help speed up the process. There was not a whole lot of modelling, most work was spent on lighting, atmosphere, and post processing (in my opinion if you’re good with these you can lack in materials).

This is the viewport, so not a lot going on here.

and here’s the composition I did for the image.