Challenge #888 "Dinosaurs" (26/06/20) Entries CLOSED

Hmmm, it wasn’t my intention to do one this week, but I have had a relatively simple idea that I could maybe knock out this evening…

Off to do some homework!

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Murder Chicken

pure Blender 2.83.0, cycles, 512 samples with adaptive sampling.

I originally wanted to make this look scary with dark colors and low lighting but it’s just cute. So I went with bright colors.




Hey everybody!
First time for me posting something for the weekend challenge.

So here are the facts:
Title: Dino timmy won’t get enough / Timmy
Pure: All you can see is done in Blender and modelled by me. For the eyes I followed a great tutorial by Danny Mac 3D on Youtube. And I used some awesome sculptng brushes from blenderkit. The Texturing is all procedural (No UVs).

Might have been inspired by the winner of last weekends challenge :smiley:
Hope you guys like Timmy <3


Underwater Discovery
Pure, Competing

Blender 2.83 Cycles + compositor
128 samples

Didn’t have much time this week to complete something. This took less than 2 hours to make.


Close Mechanical
Pure, competing

Blender 2.83 Cycles + compositor
256 samples

Mostly inspired by “Horizon Zero Down”
Hope you’ll like it =)


tiny square with an x saurus?

Hi, Franciso! :slight_smile:

My entry was inspired by the Plesiosaur:

I just re-rendered it at 500 samples and updated the image.


Mini Dino

Pure, Cycles

I’ve just notice there is another dino similiar to this, so… Hi brother!


“Old Meets New”


First attempt at posting, both to this competition and the Blender Artists site. So forgive any mistakes on my part.

Entry name “Rory the Raptor”. Pure, all models made by me in blender, only the figure was repurposed from before the start of this competition.


Rex the toy
Pure. Cycles.


Hello similar Dinosaur! :wink:

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Beautiful! This could be some kind of award/trophy. For example a “lifetime achievement award for still not having been extincted”. :slight_smile:

Btw: There seem to be ‘mixed content’-issues with the preview image. As blenderartists is served via HTTPS and the image is HTTP, it may not be visible in all browsers.


Once, the world was full of dinosaurs like these. Unfortunately they don’t preserve very well, so fossils are yet to be discovered. :slight_smile:


Hi Peter! Nice entry, welcome on board. :slight_smile:

This may be an edge case, but you might want to make this an open entry as the warrior lady was reused from another project. She is slightly out of focus but I’d still consider her one of the foreground objects. I see how this may be open to interpretation but for the sake of fairness, I’d go open with this one. (However, in the end, it is your decision.)

On another note: You seem to have put quite some time into those raptors. Would you mind sharing the way you did the skin/scales? Usually, I’m too lazy for painting a texture or sculpting them and resort to some kind of procedural texture for bump or displacement. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Helge!. I love the award idea!

I deleted my external preview image URL and uploaded a thumbnail image instead. That seems to have solved the mixed-content issue.

Your image made me smile as well :smiley:

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Thank you for the advice Helge. Too your other note: The surface is a mixture of so many things. Having sculpted and retopologized the form I added a multiresolution modifier. Subdivided a lot, used a texture brush made in Gimp to add surface detail. Baked a normal map from that. Then made a procedural cell pattern, baked that as a greyscale then painted on that to use as a bump. Then hand painted the diffuse texture. Combined them all. A lot of work for three days :sweat_smile:

ice fossil of spinosaurus

it’s not scientifically accurate because the spinosaurus was found in North Africa.

Pure blender
I used some image textures and displacement modifier
Eevee 300 sampling