Challenge #89 Entries (20/02/04) CLOSED

Theme #89 for 20 february 2004 is: Time

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 23 february 2004.

<Placeholder> Got a good idea for this one, hopefully I can find the time (and skills) to pull it off. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m only about 3/4 of the way through the modelling, and I know I won’t have time to finish the rest. I’m annoyed about this incompletition, but what can you do.

I guess I’ll have to withdraw. Oh, and if anyone was interesting I was modelling the back to the future delorean. I might finish it sometime though.

Placeholder. :slight_smile:

For a very long time in Europe, the church bells and the sun dial where the only method available of dividing time for most of the people.
this is a quite typical bell tower from french south alps.
==>full image<==
pure blender, except background picture

hmm i´ll give it a shot.

Here is my entry:

Pure entry, noise added by photoshop.

With all our modern technology and methods to stretch the life endurance, we still can´t prevent that people are killed by the time.


Full image:

Well here is my entry, an hourglass that Time forgot. Created entirely in Blender 2.32, text added in Photshop.

In Case my webpage gets bogged you can check it here later

Hey Folks, I’m gonna try again.

We’ll see. I almost made last weeks. I think I’m going to post my progress on that one in the WIP section.

As for TIME…we’ll see, maybe something about relativity : )

opps… I didn’t have enough time… (actually I kept delaying all the time, but anyways I’ll be back next weekend) :slight_smile:

intresting topic, but i don’t think i’ll have the time…3 blender projects…school homework…all those assinments and test i have to do and study for…yeh, i don’t think i’ll be doing weekend challenges for a while :frowning: :frowning:

the very best of luck to the rest of you :slight_smile:


ok its about time u joined in on the WC again cant even remember the last one…

Cancel Placeholder. We were doing well, but we ran out of time. No pun intended.

Hans Klauss glockenhosen sagt mal ‘Platz Halter!’
<edit> arg I will also most likely not finish.


cancel placeholder please.

Aztec Calendar

The detail on this is actual geometry, no NOR mapping.

Full Sized Image

Not sure if it counts as pure since the design was from a flat image, I put depth and texture on it.

If I have TIME I will try… :slight_smile:



I may be too busy, but I will probably have time to give it a try:




i’ll give it a whirl

This could be a good chance to try out my Time Travel theories… But I won’t be able to…