Challenge #893 "Astrology" (31/07/20) Entries CLOSED

Busy week this week but I’ll be trying to create a scorpion :smiley:

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Title: Astrology Looking Down…


All materials are procedural.
Render in Cycles at 4K resolution with 48 samples for main scene, 1024 samples for the Suzanne star cluster and Horoscope paper.

  • Have an issue with layers here, any help would be great. Scene has 4 layers: the main layer, a layer with the Suzanne star cluster, a layer with the horoscope paper and a layer with the star field. The layer with the star field is a plane which sits behind all other meshes (and looks correct in viewport) but when its rendered, it sits on top of objects loosing its depth (as seen with the telescope). What am i doing wrong ? Blender File

Thanks @KickAir_8P for the tip about the twinkly stars.

Always looking for a different way to do things, any feed back is welcome.


Y’welcome, happy to help! :star_struck:

I was playing around with the Glare node Streaks type trying to figure it out when I realized that in my entry render I’d left the Color Modulation field on the default of 0.25 – dropping that to zero reduced the red but didn’t get rid of it entirely, so I still can’t tell you what caused it. (But upping the Color Modulation field to 1 yielded an interesting rainbow effect – combined with upping the Fade field to 1 looked kinda techie.)

But it also got me wondering: what if I wanted multi-colored stars? After all, visible stars come in different colors. Came up with this:

not an entry

Starfield Multicolor Test 002.blend (909.7 KB)

You can use a Blackbody node instead of the color ramp for the colors. They look pretty unrealistic right now. Of course you will have to pass the noise texture output through a map range before connecting it to the blackbody.

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Yeah, went with bright colors for the demo, I was planning on dropping the saturation before I used it in anything else. The Blackbody node hadn’t occurred to me, I’ve never tried it before.

"New Horizons | Professional Help"

non competing (pure), Cycles (256 samples), Blender 2.91 (alpha)

[Planet-Texture: Vertex-Paint + procedural noise.]


This is my first time submitting here! My entry is below. I’m pretty sure this is a “Pure” entry if I read the rules right. Title is: :pisces:

Rendered in Cycles @ 1024 samples, Blender 2.90.0 Beta. I usually do animation and so use EEVEE since I have no patience, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to learn a bit more about Cycles. Used 2.90.0 mainly cause I wanted to play around with the new Multires modifier.

The one thing I borrowed for this was a normal map from Joao Paulo’s “Dragon Scales” texture.


The Basics

Entry: Pure
Render: Eevee
Textures: Procedural
Background Environment: Procedural


Title: The planets have aligned themselves to make your day better and help you in love.

Astronomy is all about where things are
Astrology is all about how that somehow affects you.


Anyone else having issues with the site at the moment? It is running rather slow and images posted are not showing up for me? I have already dumped my cache files and tried edge, explorer, and chrome and all the same result.

Everything is displaying fine for me (live in the US) . Did see this thread earlier…

Ok yeah the last 3 posts that contain images including my post above all show broken image links. So looks like it is just on my end then or an issue as you stated. Thanks.

Hey there!
If you dont mind me asking. Astronomy is not astrology. I do not understand how these both relate.

This is the definition of astrology:
Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.

This is the definition of astronomy:
the branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.

In what way are these similar? I do not believe that the solar system has anything to do with astrology which makes me believe you took it as astronomy however. You defined astronomy in your post so you were ware of this however the way you defined it is incorrect. This is just a question not an insult I hope you understand that. This also goes for other posts that include astronomy related renders. The theme astronomy was last week. Anyway. Please tell me why I want to know pls.

Hopefully this didnt sound too mean. As i said that was not why I was writing this.


ps: have a nice day!

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Actually, both astrology and astronomy have the same origin. A gooey mix of religion, science, fear and wonder. But, watching the sky, and trying to make sense of it all, was always an important part of it. It split into astrology (connecting planets, stars,… to our individual fate) and astronomy (measuring the universe and trying to find out how it works) eventually.
And from a certain point of view, they are still using the same objects (planets, stars, asteroids, comets, …), concepts (star constellations,…) and events (eclipses, convergences, transits,…). Even though, their goals and results couldn’t be more different. :slight_smile:

And I can’t help but think that the astronomer’s tools have evolved a little better over the last few hundred years. On the other hand, I’ve never taken the time to look into astrology in detail, so I could be wrong.


"Horoscope Wheel"

Open- Symbols from google, wood texture from CC0Textures
Cycles, 2048 samples

Figure out what ya can


The call as to whether it’s open or pure is up to you and based on how much you think the image is based on pre-exisitng things. IMHO, your use of symbols and textures still qualifies it as pure. Anyone disagree?

In my opinion the symbols and textures add a lot to the image. So I personally think that is enough to mark it as open. But again, wouldn’t judge anyone based on their choice.


Agreeing with Xeofrios – if I’d used out-of-ambit textures that had such a large impact on the effectiveness of the entry I’d call it open too.


Does it make sense to render at 4K for a challenge? (Unless, of course, you are gonna reuse it) I beleive HD would render 4x faster, right? Morever, one might even get away rendering at half the resolution of that, as most people dont open the images (I guess?) in which case it would be 16x faster!

Titel:the stars will show the way home

Entry: Open
Render: Eevee
Textures: Procedural and from cc0textures
Background Environment: Procedural