Challenge #893 "Astrology" (31/07/20) Entries CLOSED

"Horoscope Wheel"

Open- Symbols from google, wood texture from CC0Textures
Cycles, 2048 samples

Figure out what ya can


The call as to whether it’s open or pure is up to you and based on how much you think the image is based on pre-exisitng things. IMHO, your use of symbols and textures still qualifies it as pure. Anyone disagree?

In my opinion the symbols and textures add a lot to the image. So I personally think that is enough to mark it as open. But again, wouldn’t judge anyone based on their choice.


Agreeing with Xeofrios – if I’d used out-of-ambit textures that had such a large impact on the effectiveness of the entry I’d call it open too.


Does it make sense to render at 4K for a challenge? (Unless, of course, you are gonna reuse it) I beleive HD would render 4x faster, right? Morever, one might even get away rendering at half the resolution of that, as most people dont open the images (I guess?) in which case it would be 16x faster!

Titel:the stars will show the way home

Entry: Open
Render: Eevee
Textures: Procedural and from cc0textures
Background Environment: Procedural


Are you saying all you guys make completely procedural textures for your whole scene… AND you’re able to model humans… all in 4 days???

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Making procedural textures isn’t really hard or slow once you get the kanck for it. It is actually kind of fun, for that matter.

Ok everything seems to be back to normal. So I guess it was on the sites end of things.



First time making hair (and making a whole human for that matter, although she doesn’t have a face or hands) The dress is a CC0 texture, but at least the background is procedural this time.


I share the same skepticism, I think some people fall into the lingering asset trap: Surely I could have modeled this in 4 hours, and the box gets checked. Also I don’t think the rules are clear about reusing materials. I still remember when Bastioni was openly used while simultaneously claiming a pure entry.

I mean, there’s no prizes so in the end it doesn’t matter that much. Sometimes I see work done with Quixel scans and it’s so amazing… but essentially all the hard work was done for them, so is that still art? What I’m getting at is, it’s really hard to gauge my own progress and skill level at times.

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I don’t see any problems with using image textures and claiming pure as long as the main focus isn’t that image texture. I am skeptical of some of the pure entries sometimes though, and occasionally I’m not sure what to label mine… I wonder if we should start a discussion on whether or not we should provide more detail about what makes a pure or open entry? It’s a pretty common question, or it has been in my years here.

Yep, I’m pretty fast making (some) procedural textures, but very slow making even partial human or animal figures – I (currently) won’t attempt those for a Weekend Challenge, but some people can bang one out no problem. And some people (looking at you @fcharr ) keep making human figures for their Weekend Challenge entries, week after week after week, going from barely recognizable putty-blobs to personable characters.

We all have different skill sets, and different durations of experience with them.


i thought about entrying this weekend i already did space model last weekend :stuck_out_tongue: just kinda feel more of the same.

Photography is art, so I’d say yes. Is it pure for the Weekend Challenge? Different issue. If it were me I’d go with open if I used software other than Blender for what made an image pop.

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Quick low effort entry this week…



when I get lazy, like this week, I just make my entry open :slight_smile:

Would agree with you, but wanted the horoscope text to be readable with everything scaled as it is. Render time not a big deal for me, this one took like 3.5 min at 4k, 1min at 1080 and for times when i try an animation ill let i render while im cooking or in the shower or sleeping… Only time it bothers me is when i want to test… but the more i use blender (being new) the less testing happens.

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Western Astrology has a wide field of imagery to draw inspiration from – I’m a Taurus so I was going to put bull horns on Suzanne. :monkey_face: :taurus: Then I remembered that the Chinese zodiac has a Year of the Monkey!