Challenge #899 "Fragments" (11/09/20) Entries CLOSED

or just add a simple cube, join all RB objects to it and delete the cube in edit mode.

That works too


I made this nature scene a while back to test out some nature textures and objects. It is autumn time in the scene which means there are leaves everywhere which are fragments of trees.


Pure cycles 512 samples. For the clay effect I used the Ultimate Clay Shader.

Composite I did in photoshop.


Title: Fragments discovery


I like the irony of having big fragments. :grinning:


Don’t devide us

Pure, cycles 2048 samples, ca. 65 minutes
All made in blender, cranked up glow in compositor.

“Holy primes, protect us from this evil devisor. Don’t let us float in the endless space between the integers. We count and praise for you.”
“Mom, mom…”
“DON’T LOOK, little int, don’t look… close your eyes and pray, we will be whole.”
“1 multiplied by 1 is 1, 1 multiplied by 2 is 2, 1 multiplied by 3 is 3, 1 multipied by …”

Thought it needs more color, here is the

“Daddy, daddy…”
“Ssh, daddy will be fine,
he is a mighty prime,
counts the evil down to zero,
math, he has to do as hero.”
No more fractions, zeros cant divide.
we can sum up free, no need to hide."


Forgotten Warriors

Pure entry, 1000 samples.


Shattered Suzanne

Pure entry, Cycles render, 128 samples & compositor denoising in 2.90.0. Composition is Golden Triangles, 8x5 aspect ratio, camera 80mm. Used Cell Fracture, one of Blender’s included Addons. Yes, that table is the Default Cube. Things I did for this that I’ve never done before: Rearranging scattered objects after a Rigid Body drop (thanks again Xeofrios!), Defocus Node in the Compositor, applied / remodeled a Solidify rim to get a reflection where I wanted it, and Particle Emitter dust in the air.

Edited to update image (found an issue I wanted to fix).

Blend file available on my dropbox here.



non-competing (pure), Cycles (256 samples, Adaptive Sampling, OpenImageDenoise), Blender 2.90


wow… that thing is bizarre and freaky and trippy and a bunch of other odd descriptive words…


Something with the camera angle or textures or something which makes the reflection portion of the table not look like its on the same plane as the blue tiles, almost like 3d being higher or something (aside form Suzanne being on top)… maybe the focus/blur, cant put my finger on it, but i like it :+1:


Ancient Cube


The Forgotten Suzanne

Pure, Cycles 228 samples, Blender 2.9, Blenderkit for textures
This week same as @KickAir_8P. I used the add-on cell fracture for the first time to give the broken look to Suzzane. Slight color correction in composite. I had four different renders and I almost went with a black and white, but changed my mind. Let me know what you guys think!


I literally just watched The Angry Birds Movie. Love this

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The last sip

Pure, Cycles 111 Samples and then denoised


I really like this one, looks like it belongs in a museum

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If I use textures from a 3rd party on models I made myself, should I mark it as open or pure ? Tried to find something about it in the rules but there isn’t anything there regarding that. I am thinking since all models are new it should be pure, but I just wanna make sure of it.

Thanks! Yeah, I adhered to the Golden Triangles composition lines even where a slightly different angle would’ve made it easier to see (I put a lot of work into getting that angle, didn’t want to give it up even after I saw it was a bit confusing). Suzanne’s face fragment is slightly raised from the floor because it’s resting on two other fragments and leaning on the cube a bit (puts it where I wanted in the composition). That’s three points of contact, but I’m not sure it wouldn’t overbalance on the eyebrows end – most of the fragments were Rigid Body dropped so they’d hit their natural resting position on the floor, but not that face fragment.

And I used the Defocus node to add more depth-of-field blur than came naturally to the 80mm focal length of the camera – got the effect I wanted, but might look wonky to people used to realistic depth-of-field (realism was not one of my goals on this one).

I’ve put a link to the blend file on my submission post if you wanna take a look.

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IMHO it depends on how much impact the 3rd party textures have on the render – if they’re on barely noticeable background stuff then still pure, if it they have significant impact on the appearance of the main items of your scene I’d mark it open.

The challenge isn’t just about modeling/sculpting – textures/materials, lighting, composition, etc, all go into making a great submission, so all are covered by the made-mostly-in-Blender-and-mostly-in-the-challenge-timeframe-for-pure rules.

Threw this together today after scrapping three ideas

Fragmented Soul
Open (image textures)