Challenge #9 Entries (12 July 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Theme #9 for 12 July 2002 is: air
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 15 July 2002.

There are no changes to the rules (found here: )

The web form to help created well-formed entries, the Weekend Challenge Dominatrix, has been updated. All entrants are encouraged to use this service, as it can check you entry for errors (URL typos, missing info, etc…), has reminders for some of the rules, and now features a clock, status indicator, and countdown to the next phase of the contest. This clock is now the authoratative source of the time for the Weekend Challenge. Lots of fun for everyone! Check it out!

Good luck, and Bring on those futuristic flying cars!

And remember, you only have 2 more weeks to become eligible for the special ev…
Oops! Shouldn’t’ve said that! :wink:

(theeth) #2


for real this time


(PILER) #3

I cant wait to go render me some air!

YES! here it is… my entry for AIR

took about 12 hours to render with maya 4.0 unlimited… this is an open entry

(DreamMaster) #4



It will be interesting to see what others think of “air.”

<edit> I did model something, but my dad came in yelling at me saying, “Using Blender is a complete waste of your time! USE LIGHTWAVE or something else!” I tried to model something in Lightwave, but I’m not familiar with it enough and I KNOW you will vote me out of the contest just because I don’t use Blender. :frowning: So I am out. (Yes I am secretly modeling a face… my 5th attempt :slight_smile: Watch out for it in WIP somewhere soon…). Maybe I’ll try and learn more about lightwave and enter my next weekend challenge there… and be voted out :stuck_out_tongue: </edit>

(steve343) #5

hmmmmm i would be tempted to put down a placeholder but something always happens and i can neaver do it.

(LohnS) #6

Here is my Pure entry for this week. Everything blender, every texture blender, everything made for this contest, 100% pure. Its an Oxygen atom, bit of research went into it, its even school holidays, now thats devotion =P. I’ve always wanted to make a plasma type gel being, so this was my perfect chance :wink:

mmmm, proton and neutron plasma geleton homer drool

(Ecks) #7

Why this week??!??!?!?!
I am not able to make realistic car but I CAN make flying car…but…I am making my starship animation and if I begin another little project I will get bored with my anim…dont know why but I am like that…

(Goo) #8

Here it is:

It’s 100% Blender, except for a few image textures and the title. The buildings all have envmaps on them with some noise. All the models were made for this contest.

If any of you are SiFi buffs you’ll know where I go the title.


([email protected]) #9

hopefully this link will work. this is my picture 100% blender done its an upgraded model so its not totally brand new but the only bits i took where the wings so i suppose youcould say it was new… i think it is all in order if thelink doesnt work just say and ill fix it

(ectizen) #10

Haven’t done a person before - I thought it was time to try :slight_smile:

Pure All new models. Skateboard image built in the Gimp, sky image from the 'net.

Since people seem to be quoting render times this week: 20 seconds to render :wink:

(rixtr66) #11

this entry is pure blender all modelled this weekend,it obviously lacks some details,but im a slow modeller,the water was done in psp.
this guy is running out of air :o

its been interesting trying to get something good in a short amount of time
very difficult.but fun

rixtr 8)

(bogbean) #12

Here’s my entry entitled “Air on a G-string”.
(I know it’s a crummy pun, but at least no one else seems to have thought of it).

Pure All done in Blender over the last couple of days. Mostly procedural. Texture images done for the carpet, the clothing and the picture on the bottle label.

(Ecks) #13

This is my first entry for weekend challenge! and this is my version of the flying car!!

sorry plz…copy and paste !

Hope you will like it! :wink:
you can view another render here—>

(ectizen) #14

Eeek! :o

All fixed - thanks, X-WARRIOR!

(scrappy) #15

Air, and lots of it!!! well oxygen to be correct,


i just hope than nobody else had the same idea :wink: this picture was very simple to make, but took like 5 miniuts to render… 12meg .blend…and the bubbles, i thought the image was too plain :smiley:

(dotblend) #16


lets see if i can render something decent

(ScottishPig) #17

My stupid bloody entry.

As for the plane… uhmm. 10 minute render, mblur/OSA16/whatnot.


(theeth) #18

what’s with the pink wings?


(CubeFan973) #19

(immediately goes into Blender and builds a rather basic… uh… whatever)

I haven’t looked at the rules yet, though. (Immediately submits and goes right to rules!)

(CubeFan973) #20

Do I have to have a web site to submit?! Help! I HAVE NO WEBSITE, AND BLENDERMANIA IS DEAD!