Challenge #9 Entries (12 July 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #21

Sadly, while I have the space to store all entries, I certainly don’t have the bandwidth to serve them. So, yes, you do need a website to participate.

Try contacting acasto, who has very generously been provding the free hosting on used by many of the contestants.

And if I haven’t said this before: Thanks acasto! :smiley:

(Jolly Gnome) #22

for the first time: PLACEHOLDER (if it fits anymore?)

Cripes, I’ll never finish the image in time… :x
oh, well, maybe next time :frowning:

(Goofster) #23

Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you: the “Shoppingcart Airborn Transportation Unit 3000” (or SATU 3000)


(ScottishPig) #24

My quick entry:

As in Air-Plane.

Pink Wings? For the reason that the wings were pink in RedBaron 3D. And uhh… they’re magenta.

(crow) #25

A work in progress it is no where near finished or where i would like it to be, but i need time in a bottle. Everything made since contest started.See picture located on the bottom of URL

PureI call it AIR defense. Based on the Star Wars Project. but that is top secret Entirely Blender camera set to orco mode

ALSO NOTE SOME MAY NEED TO REFRESH, not to sure about angelfire

(ectizen) #26

crow: Could you put your entry on its own page please. Strictly according to the rules, if you link to a page, you should only have the entry image on that page. While I’m willing to allow an extra related image (if the file sizes aren’t too big), 2 extra unrelated images goes too far. The idea behind this rule is to make voting easier, as the voter can view just the entry, without having to wait for other unrelated stuff to load (this “wait” is also the reason for the file size limit). The html for the new page doesn’t have to be complex - see here for an example:
Thanks! :slight_smile:

BTW: A new page will also remove the “may have to refresh” issue…

Would people be interested in having the Dominatrix able to build some html if required?

(Nayman) #27

time to finally enter a weekend contest!

here is my placeholder


how long do i havem a few hours?
Better get started!

(ectizen) #28

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix tells you exactly how much time you have (9 hours and 4 minutes as I write this)

(Nayman) #29


(Nayman) #30


here is my entry

It is pure
(I started making the shipd right when the contest started… not for the contest, buit as soon as i saw the contest i finished them for it)

(haunt_house) #31

it´s robot angel

Pure a bad 2 hours job. But I want to get started. oh, make it a 3 hours and a half job lovely gmt time shift :smiley:

I changed the url to an html, because the picture is better on a dark background.


(@ce) #32

I didnt really wanted to enter this week…so I just did something in the last hour…all modelled newly for blender…and some glow added in post prosessing

(Ecks) #33

Do not know if we can post two entry (if we cannot please take my first one…on the first page of this topic) but here come my second:

Pure entry
(copy and paste)

air as ‘I need some air’…

I post this in the last 10 minute…
It take me about…35 minute to do from the beginning to the web…

(theeth) #34

Alas, we can’t post an animation, or I’d post this: