Challenge #9 Voting - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

This week’s theme is air

Pure Entries
NEO[list:4f235a7c06]Here is my Pure entry for this week. Everything blender, every texture blender, everything made for this contest, 100% pure. Its an Oxygen atom, bit of research went into it, its even school holidays, now thats devotion =P. I’ve always wanted to make a plasma type gel being, so this was my perfect chance :wink:

Goo It’s 100% Blender, except for a few image textures and the title. The buildings all have envmaps on them with some noise. All the models were made for this contest.
If any of you are SiFi buffs you’ll know where I go the title.
Here it is

[email protected]hopefully this link will work. this is my picture 100% blender done its an upgraded model so its not totally brand new but the only bits i took where the wings so i suppose youcould say it was new… i think it is all in order if thelink doesnt work just say and ill fix it

ectizenHaven’t done a person before - I thought it was time to try :slight_smile:
Pure All new models. Skateboard image built in the Gimp, sky image from the 'net.

rixtr66this entry is pure blender all modelled this weekend,it obviously lacks some details,but im a slow modeller,the water was done in psp.
this guy is running out of air :o
its been interesting trying to get something good in a short amount of time
very difficult.but fun

bogbeanHere’s my entry entitled “Air on a G-string”.
(I know it’s a crummy pun, but at least no one else seems to have thought of it).
Pure All done in Blender over the last couple of days. Mostly procedural. Texture images done for the carpet, the clothing and the picture on the bottle label.

X-WARRIORThis is my first entry for weekend challenge! and this is my version of the flying car!!
Pure sorry plz…copy and paste !

scrappyAir, and lots of it!!! well oxygen to be correct,


GoofsterLadies and Gentlemen. I present to you: the “Shoppingcart Airborn Transportation Unit 3000” (or SATU 3000)

ScottishPigMy quick entry:


crowA work in progress it is no where near finished or where i would like it to be, but i need time in a bottle. Everything made since contest started.See picture located on the bottom of URL
PureI call it AIR defense. Based on the Star Wars Project. but that is top secret Entirely Blender camera set to orco mode
ALSO NOTE SOME MAY NEED TO REFRESH, not to sure about angelfire (Naughty link to a gellery) (Nice direct link - copy and paste)

here is my entry
It is pure
(I started making the shipd right when the contest started… not for the contest, buit as soon as i saw the contest i finished them for it)

haunt_houseit´s robot angel
Pure a bad 2 hours job. But I want to get started. oh, make it a 3 hours and a half job lovely gmt time shift :smiley:

@ceI didnt really wanted to enter this week…so I just did something in the last hour…all modelled newly for blender…and some glow added in post prosessing
PURE (copy and paste)


Open Entries
PILER[list:4f235a7c06]I cant wait to go render me some air!
YES! here it is… my entry for AIR
took about 12 hours to render with maya 4.0 unlimited… this is an open entry [/list:u:4f235a7c06]

Non-competing Entries
X-WARRIOR[list:4f235a7c06]Do not know if we can post two entry (if we cannot please take my first one…on the first page of this topic) but here come my second:
Pure entry
(copy and paste) [/list:u:4f235a7c06]

Late, Non-competing Entries
theeth[list:4f235a7c06]Alas, we can’t post an animation, or I’d post this: [/list:u:4f235a7c06]

Whew! More entries than you can poke a stick at!

<edit for late, ineligble entries>

(Ecks) #2

Great entry this week!!! (I think i am outranked here)
Is it me or I cant see the pic of piler? white screen when I copy/paste…

(ectizen) #3

Yes, you can actually see PILER’s entry - it is a white image. Good to see the 12 hours with Maya wasn’t wasted :wink:

(Goofster) #4

great, my first entry in the WC and everybody has better stuff then me :smiley:
o well…maybe next time

(ScottishPig) #5

Yes… Very nice. ALOT of good pics- I forgot to include the word `PURE’ beneath mine, but I did do some complex external texturing for the ground, so I didn’t chance it.

Lotsa lotas good work ./me congradulates nearly everybody. I just feel bad that I didn’t put more work into mine.

(theeth) #6

baah, you can consider yourself lucky that I couldn’t plish the vortex engine in time to enter something… :wink:

<hint> I posted it in the entry thread, maby Ectizen could enter it as open, even though it’s an animation </hint>

Btw, very good job on the contest organization. Most people don’t realize what it’s like to do those weekly jobs.


(ectizen) #7

Thanks :smiley:
I know I certainly didn’t realise what was going to be involved!

planes, planes, and more planes, electron guide rails, shiny towers, dudes, underwear :o, cars, bottles, red things, satellites, angels, weather, snow, etc…
All this from a single theme?! :o :o

Hmm… why are all of the planes warplanes?

ScottishPig: I like the pink wings - flying circus? (btw, I am beginning to see through your elaborate deceptions :o :wink: )

(LohnS) #8

wow great entries this week, i am greatly outranked, good luck every1 =D

(blengine) #9

wow, some really good stuff this week…my votes between rixtr and bogbean…i think im gonna sway towards the action scene as opposed to the still, u dont see much action around nowadays…hmmm…tough decision though

(digitalSlav) #10

lots of wonderful entries this week. i must say i actually tried this time didn’t find enough time to finish. you can see a little piece of what i started here

starting to hate any model with a little yellow license plate though :slight_smile:

(VanPelt) #11

Great pics! What a shame I was too late…*



(harkyman) #12

Curse you theeth and your horrible Dynamica access.

(theeth) #13



(ectizen) #14

As usual, great entries. And also as usual, close voting.
12 votes went to our winner, rixtr66, just edging out NEO’s 11.

Good job by everyone!