Challenge #900 "End of summer" (18/09/20) Entries CLOSED

Entry Blood Harvest, open, Cycle 1000 samples

This week I watched a video from Blender Guru about composition. I learned about the how the golden ratio is involved with composition. It was like a face palm to me because the golden ratio applies to so many things in my life and other interest of mine. I got the props for . Thanks you guys!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Dark rainy clouds bringing end to the days of summer. pure. cycles (128 samples) 2.90

Every kid at home looking for their school bag where they left two months ago. Parents taking a deep breath of relief that their kids are out of their hair and going back to school.


Yay! That vid’s a decent introduction, although it has some issues (what he calls Golden Ratio is in composition usually referred to as a Golden Spiral – other uses of the Golden Ratio in composition include Golden Triangles and the Phi Grid ). Blender’s got composition guides for the Camera View (camera’s Object Data Properties panel > Viewport Display > Composition Guides) including a Rule of Thirds grid, Golden Ratio (Phi Grid), Golden Triangles, and Harmonious Triangles – no Golden Spirals though.

But an understanding of basic artistic composition can do a lot to help “create a cool image”, glad to see more posted about it here.


Harvest Sun

Pure entry, 2000 entries. Bit of a rush job this weekend. Skype pulled a fast one on me and I had to change accounts: My old email address no longer exists, and my current one was being used by some dude in Spain, so I appropriated it. I feel bad, but MS would have done the same to him in time. So feeling a bit meh…


The Way into Autumn

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

I wanted to make a tree that is detailed enough to put on the foreground. The most challenging part was actually the leaves, since I cannot just use a particle system for them since it looks very unrealistic.

Also, I shouldn’t have used a particle system for the leaves on the floor. Maybe rigid body simulation would be better.


Thank you for all the helpful information. I used the guide golden ratio when completing the piece. The goal is for the viewer to view from the lantern to looking glass to moon then space ship. Each one is sitting along these points. Honestly, this is my favorite piece thus far. If that tells you anything.

Last rose of summer

Pure entry, Eevee, 32 samples.

Had a lot of fun with this one. Especially figuring out the colors was entertaining.
Since I wanted to keep it pure, I remodeled one of my older car models in lower poly here, it doesn’t look bad even though it lacks a lot of detail, but I think it fits the overall style I went for.

I tried to capture the feeling I had when playing Flatout 2, as it had a great “late summer vibe”.
I’ve discovered some new things regarding the toon style and I plan to make more artworks styled like this. Thanks for the great theme, good luck!

PS: The license plate is the last day of summer, at least according to Earth, Wind and Fire’s song :slight_smile:


This is beautiful! Firewatch vibes as well. :smiley:

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Summer festival in kerala

this image is pure and is completely made in blender 2.90 .
This shows a girl plucking flowers for their traditional festival Vishu in the morning.
all the models used are made by me myself .


Thanks! Yes Firewatch was also an inspiration here. I mean, the whole thing is just a smoothie of things that make me feel like the end of summer.

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"Back To School"

Pure, Blender 2.90, Eevee, All compositing in Blender

Had to make this one in two days due to a failed idea. Did the sculpt in 2 hours! No perspective cheating in this one (almost). Would have loved to do a few more things. I might post an image in the artworks section afterwards. I know the title is a bit ironic given current situation :stuck_out_tongue:



“A Cold Pendulem”


“Right Around the Corner”

Pure entry, Cycles, 400 samples

Very first challenge I’ve ever participated in! Definitely a lot of talented artists on this website, and the entries for this challenge are quite stunning; I love seeing everyone’s different interpretation on themes!


End of summer



Running for summer
Pure, Eevee
All made in blender, first tried a snowy grass, but all looks bad, so i make it more artistic with glare in the compositor. Used the sappling addon.


Suzanne - Drifting on a Summer Breeze

Pure entry, Cycles render, 64 samples & compositor denoising in 2.90.0. Composition is an unholy conglomeration of Golden Triangles and Rule of Thirds, 8x5 aspect ratio. Environment is sunrise.exr (one of Blender’s included studiolights). Thing I did for this that I’ve never done before: modeled individual strands of milkweed floss (there’s three different strands in the particle system).

An iconically late summer sight here is white milkweed fluff gently floating in the hazy afternoon sunlight.

SuzanneMilkweedSeeds010.blend (1.6 MB)


Wheel of the Year.
Inspired by the modern pagan celebrations around the yearly solstices and equinoxes. My first challenge attempt.

Pure entry (textures are CC0 from NASA images)


I wanted to add that this was rendered in EEVEE and I am aware of shadow inconsistencies relative to the “wheel” earth position to the sun. I just needed to post it before I figured out the best Cycles settings to get a similar feel.

Pure entry , cycles 64 samples with optix. I had a lot more planned for the scene but not enough time to execute it properly, at least I tried :slight_smile: