Challenge #900 "End of summer" (18/09/20) Entries CLOSED

Challenge 900! Let’s all thank @Helge for keeping this challenge alive for so long!


I wanted to ask that anyway. So let’s say a year has 50 weeks for sake of simplification, so this contest is running since 900/50 = 18 years now? And Helge managed it from #1 to #900?

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I think the thread has had a couple different managers during it’s time. Helge has been doing this for about four years as he started managing at challenge #700


Oh awesome that you know that! I didn’t mean to ask you specifially, just thought it would fit under your comment, thanks:)

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Always a pleasure, thanks a lot!

Don’t worry, I’m not that crazy! :wink: Back in 2002 I was using Monzoom and C4D - and still years away from switching to Blender.

You are right. I took over from rarebit around #700. Those 200 weekends went by fast… I guess, we must be getting old. :wink:

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Oops, i’ve been mis-gendering Helge – sorry! :flushed:

The rules post is dated May 2002, so this was started roughly the same time as the Blender Foundation, wow! Is it about time for an update? There’s a bunch of stuff about image posting that doesn’t apply anymore, for example. The bit on making new stuff is expressed as “new models”, which made sense over ten years before Grease Pencil was artistically viable. But now it comes across as kinda exclusionary (IMHO), and Blender’s texture/material making have advanced enough that it’s a reasonable purity expectation.

That’s aside from things like “foreground” and “background” being used confusingly outside of their usual meaning ( “I like to read ‘foreground models’ as ‘important parts of the entry’.” – great, I’d like to see it described as “important parts of the entry” in the rules post). With an artist’s back catalogue mostly off-limits, the Weekend Challenge is uniquely newbie-friendly – it seems a shame that the rules-post isn’t anymore. I know it’s just a fun little challenge and nobody wants to get into strict rule-mongering, but given how often questions have been coming up maybe improved clarity would be helpful.

Haha, that happens all the time. But after a few decades you get used to it. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m planning to do that. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Some of the problems will not be solvable in a perfect way. However, there is definitely room for improvement.


Circle Of Seasons

pure entry


This is my quick PURE entry “harvest”


This reminds me of the gear island in Myst. Mostly because of the light thing in the center.
The whole thing is very imaginative and interesting! :slight_smile:

"Summer Lilac"

non-competing (pure), Cycles (128 samples), Blender 2.90

Well, that didn’t go well. I was experimenting with true displacement and particles. In the end it just didn’t work out - but still took up all the time… to be continued… :wink:


Entry Blood Harvest, open, Cycle 1000 samples

This week I watched a video from Blender Guru about composition. I learned about the how the golden ratio is involved with composition. It was like a face palm to me because the golden ratio applies to so many things in my life and other interest of mine. I got the props for . Thanks you guys!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Dark rainy clouds bringing end to the days of summer. pure. cycles (128 samples) 2.90

Every kid at home looking for their school bag where they left two months ago. Parents taking a deep breath of relief that their kids are out of their hair and going back to school.


Yay! That vid’s a decent introduction, although it has some issues (what he calls Golden Ratio is in composition usually referred to as a Golden Spiral – other uses of the Golden Ratio in composition include Golden Triangles and the Phi Grid ). Blender’s got composition guides for the Camera View (camera’s Object Data Properties panel > Viewport Display > Composition Guides) including a Rule of Thirds grid, Golden Ratio (Phi Grid), Golden Triangles, and Harmonious Triangles – no Golden Spirals though.

But an understanding of basic artistic composition can do a lot to help “create a cool image”, glad to see more posted about it here.


Harvest Sun

Pure entry, 2000 entries. Bit of a rush job this weekend. Skype pulled a fast one on me and I had to change accounts: My old email address no longer exists, and my current one was being used by some dude in Spain, so I appropriated it. I feel bad, but MS would have done the same to him in time. So feeling a bit meh…


The Way into Autumn

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

I wanted to make a tree that is detailed enough to put on the foreground. The most challenging part was actually the leaves, since I cannot just use a particle system for them since it looks very unrealistic.

Also, I shouldn’t have used a particle system for the leaves on the floor. Maybe rigid body simulation would be better.


Thank you for all the helpful information. I used the guide golden ratio when completing the piece. The goal is for the viewer to view from the lantern to looking glass to moon then space ship. Each one is sitting along these points. Honestly, this is my favorite piece thus far. If that tells you anything.

Last rose of summer

Pure entry, Eevee, 32 samples.

Had a lot of fun with this one. Especially figuring out the colors was entertaining.
Since I wanted to keep it pure, I remodeled one of my older car models in lower poly here, it doesn’t look bad even though it lacks a lot of detail, but I think it fits the overall style I went for.

I tried to capture the feeling I had when playing Flatout 2, as it had a great “late summer vibe”.
I’ve discovered some new things regarding the toon style and I plan to make more artworks styled like this. Thanks for the great theme, good luck!

PS: The license plate is the last day of summer, at least according to Earth, Wind and Fire’s song :slight_smile:


This is beautiful! Firewatch vibes as well. :smiley:

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