Challenge #900 Voting CLOSED

Crazy good entries this week. My votes went to 3D, domosk and Millani. If those clouds were modeled and not a background, I dub that to be the greatest entry of all time: If it’s a BG, I still would have voted for it :wink:

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@Millani I tried running a cloth simulation similar to the one I did on, and was horrified by the result, I also tried to fill the apple basket using a sim, could not get the apples from falling right through the collision object. Gave up on both.

Are the vote percentages messed up? The total is way above 100%

I beleive its counting the number of voters instead of the votes or something like that?

Are you asking about clouds on my entry or on @domosk entry?

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You are correct. It is counting the number of voters who voted for this entry. As every voter is allowed to cast up to three votes, the percentages add up to more than 100%.

You can read it his way: If an entry reaches 100%, every voter wanted this one to win. :slight_smile:

consider this:

I think @Helge already answered this question some time ago.

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Ahh ok, has it always been the case?

on yours :slight_smile:

I would like to make clouds with volumetrics but it would render for years ;(
On this entry i made the field closer to camera with those piles of straw (with hair particles straw) and a tree to the left with help of sapling addon. I also made volumetric dust things hanging in the air .
Everything else is background environment texture. The most difficult thing was to match perspective, lightning and colors of both. I have never expected this one get so many votes. Sorry for disappointment. And you got my vote too for the idea not result :slight_smile:

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I still would have voted for it, but in my head, I mentally switch to open :wink:

It hasn’t always been that way. But the new system has been around for quite some time now.
The first voting with multiple votes per user was: Challenge #798: “Bionic” (Oct 2018)

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Did you check out the tutorial from Blender Guru about making curtains? It uses a very simple trick and it works quite well.

I used the same method I had used before, with 2.8, with worse results.

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 900 with votes from 50% of the voters is… 3dnotguru!
Here’s to all the great participators…



Congrats 3dnotguru, and thanks to the people who voted for mine!

This week my votes went to Karmon’s End of summer (beautiful light), LilTreason’s Blood Harvest (great composition, and I like the materials and that edge effect), and Rafaelfcdk’s summers end (lovely use of a limited color palate). Also enjoyed Helge’s Summer Lilac (thoroughly floral),’s Wheel of the Year (timely), rigoletto’s Running for summer (evocative), WadeMorrison’s Right Around the Corner (especially like the donut float), Photox’s A Cold Pendulem (unexpected take on the theme), Xeofrios’s Back To School (wow!), domosk’s Last rose of summer (perfect colors), Millani’s The Way into Autumn (like the trees), fcharr’s Harvest Sun (garden veggies!), AravindCG’s Dark rainy clouds bringing end to the days of summer (stark), 3dnotguru’s harvest (plenty of fields around here look just like that), and DominikR’s Circle Of Seasons (I wanna say it reminds me of challah, but more of a king cake).


Congrats 3D, loved your entry :slight_smile: While I’m at it, those red things in the basket, were meant to be apples. My bro called them tomatoes as well…

Congrats to 3Dnotguru for the win! Really high quality entries this week. Thanks to everyone who voted for mine. Also, I uploaded my model to sketchfab if you wanna have a look.

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Damn :smiley: so close!
Сongrats to the winner. This theme was a lot of fun. See you guys in the next one.


Which is right around the corner: (dangerously close I might add) relevant, I promise :wink: