Challenge #906 "Fear of heights" (30/10/20) Entries CLOSED

Suzanne Dreams of Falling

Open entry, Cycles render, 64 samples & compositor denoising in 2.90.1. Composition is Rule of Thirds, orthographic camera, 8x5 aspect ratio. Open because the Earth texture map is from NASA’s Visible Earth Blue Marble collection, and I composited renders in GIMP to get both eyeshines where I wanted 'em. Thing I did for this that I’ve never done in Blender before: procedural sclera. The blanket materials are new too, some of that I’m pretty sure I haven’t done (like using mixed magic texture nodes for the weave, or adding some rough metallic to get sheen on the satin binding).

SuzannesFearFalling023packed.blend (2.7 MB)