Challenge #911 "Adventure" (04/12/20) Entries CLOSED

Suzanne - The Adventure Begins

Pure entry, Cycles render, 64 samples & compositor denoising in 2.91.0. Golden Sections / Phi Grid composition, 8x5 aspect ratio, 85mm focal length. Environment map is forest.exr (one of Blender’s included studiolights). Thing I did for this that I’ve never done in Blender before: modeled chain link mesh (starting with this tutorial).

Edited to add: had a bit more time, put in a couple of bolts’n’washers (trying to make the bit of visible cage framework look more like warning-painted metal and less like warning tape). The bolts started from BoltFactory, one of Blender’s included Addons.

SuzanneAdventureBegins023.blend (1.4 MB)


Adventuring can be dangerous Updated a few things. Thanks for the tip @rigoletto, I think you’re right about the torches.
PURE: All modeling and compositing were done in Blender. I did grab some texture images online.


OPEN " Speleology"
Open because lot of Ivygen used. Cycles 256s.


"How did I get into this?"

non competing (pure), Cycles (128 samples + OpenImageDenoise), Blender 2.92 Alpha


Title: A slice of miss adventure

Pure entry
Blender 2.91, cycles 512 samples + OpenImageDenoise


“Living on the edge”

A guy sitting on the edge of exploration on top of a cliff with high potential. It’s rendered in Evee.


“Adventure is Out There”


Pure. Adventure after a certain age. Hic!

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“Crystal Skull”
Whats adventure if not Indiana Jones :D.
Rendered in Cycles, Pure.


99% Perfect, the really like the lightning and shadows.
Just kill the torches i my opinion.

Adventure is Waiting
Pure, Cycles, procedural textures, brushes, materials, some internal blender texture paint using a noise brush.


Open Entry: Get Away Cabin
200 Samples, 10min render time.


Space Explorer

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

Ready for departure!




Puss in boots
Pure, eevee 128 samples,
Quick mix (<2 hours) of low poly, procedural displacement and a shadow cut of a puss in boots picture. All made in blender.


Lookin’ good – is it Pure or Open?

I hope that I can compete with this. A lot of the models were generated. So I guess it should be categorized as Open.

Open, Cycles, 64 samples, NLM denoise
“A Boy Out for Adventure”

Modified character model named Ty from Mixamo
Rocks made with rock generator
Mountains made with ANT Landscape
Tree made with sapling
Modified materials:

  • Glossy Orange Wood by 19seanak19 (CC-0)
  • Gold from Treasure Chest scene by Gunses (CC-0)
  • Metal-raw/MetalSurface by loranozor (CC-BY)

Render by Cycles, Blender 2.91.0
Composition by Bods


I’m guessing Pure. I took some texture images off the net but other than that everything was done in blender with its included addons (no outside materials or models).

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The cookie idea was really creative. Great art! Cloudman… LOL. So cool. The Suzanne render is very clean and expressive. The volumetric lighting backlit silhouette: great composition, I think this will win. Speleology: too dark. The crazy frog stands out, not exactly sure what I make of it yet, will have to ponder… The raft: I like it when an artist doesn’t hide the CG, but embraces it. Adventure is out there: wish the main central part was a bit bigger. Get Away: awesome nature parts and nice scene. RandomHowdy: also very dark, but nice mood and bloom. Puss: too dark.

The dark ones I couldn’t really see at all. I didn’t realize how much glare I was getting on my screen. If I take the computer into a darkened hallway I can see a lot more of some of these.

19 entries! It has been a while since we had that many people participating. Let’s see which adventurer makes it out of the dark and scary cave first:

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