Challenge #911 "Adventure" Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Adventure

Which entry would you like to see win?
(If you cannot decide, pick up to 3.)

  • tylerkjkjkj
  • Vampy_monkey
  • Gismo_Wander
  • object
  • benibrahim
  • Watndit
  • Millani
  • david.speer
  • ARandomHowdy
  • KickAir_8P
  • rigoletto
  • MatthewK
  • 2Rock
  • fcharr
  • 3dnotguru
  • beau11
  • Boder
  • texasfunk101

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After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on: Wed, Dec 9, 2020 11:00 PM.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile:

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

This week’s winner:

Pure Entries

tylerkjkjkj: Cloudman

Vampy_monkey: A slice of miss adventure

Gismo_Wander: The secret journey through cookiland

object: Living on the edge

benibrahim: Adventure after a certain age. Hic!

Watndit: Crystal Skull

Millani: Space Explorer

david.speer: Adventure is Waiting

ARandomHowdy: Space project challenge artists5

KickAir_8P: Suzanne - The Adventure Begins

rigoletto: Puss in boots

MatthewK: Adventuring can be dangerous

Open Entries

2Rock: We’re here

(I’am calling this one open rather than pure. Because although everything in it was made in blender for competitions they where not all for this competition. The sky and clouds came from my “Airport” entry, the birds from my “Flight” entry and the explorer was adapted from my witch in “Fear of hights” , just needed adaptations to her hat and then let the cloth do its dynamic thing )

fcharr: Road Trip

(Open entry 1000 samples. Reused models from
Discovered in Ice :: Chilling ( and
Aircraft and Air Vehicle :: Little Red Hover Car (

3dnotguru: Speleology

(Open because lot of Ivygen used. Cycles 256s.)

beau11: Adventure is Out There

Boder: A Boy Out for Adventure

*(Modified character model named Ty from Mixamo
Rocks made with rock generator
Mountains made with ANT Landscape
Tree made with sapling
Modified materials:

Glossy Orange Wood by 19seanak19 (CC-0)
Gold from Treasure Chest scene by Gunses (CC-0)
Metal-raw/MetalSurface by loranozor (CC-BY)


texasfunk101: Get Away Cabin

Non-competing Entries

Helge: How did I get into this?

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 911 with votes from 43.9% of the voters is… beau11!
Here’s to all the great participators…

Adventure is Out There


Congratulations, @beau11. Can you tell us about your art?

Thanks everyone for the votes and hope you enjoy the next theme!
And yes I can @Boder . What specifically were you looking to know?

Did you render in EEVEE or cycles? And the model of the man: where did you get the model from? Also, was the idea that the man is looking down into the dark or out into the light?

Great questions. So this one was rendered in EEVEE. I think I’ve used it pretty consistently for most of my renders.

The model of the man was traced from an image on the internet. I then extruded and gave it some texture to let the light interact with it a little more. I intended to have it appear as though he’s leaning on the side of the cave after the exploration and that he’s looking out though I can see how without much detail it can be tough to tell.

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I definitely thought he was looking out, but then there was another entry that similar idea with the man looking in and I thought yours was great because of the ambiguity. I almost voted for yours, but I like the ones where I can see a bit more. I really, really almost voted you because of the sweet concept and bloom and composition. If the light part in the center had been about 1.5x its size in the overall composition and the brightness of the cave wall was about 25% brighter I would have voted it.

I need to think up tricks so I don’t get stuck trying to model a human being. Thanks for sharing about your process. Wonder what you thought when you saw Matthew’s…

Yeah I’ve pretty much narrowed in on my style and it consists of a lot of those bloom atmospheric effects with silhouettes. This is probably since most of my works are done for this challenge and I am able to complete scenes with these elements in a relatively short time.

I really liked Matthew’s entry and ended up voting for it. Very impressive considering it was made in such a short amount of time and it was pure.

I almost voted Matthew too, but then I liked yours slightly more and I thought Matthews was going to win. I voted Cloudman because that is an awesome concept and it seemed really unique. I voted Cookiland because that blew my mind, very creative! I voted Suzanne because I really liked the colors and the render. It’s funny to see Suzanne with a different expression on her face! Don’t worry, voting is of an arbitrary, fickle nature, far from a science.

  • Cloudman: The weird thing on his head drew my attention first. Didn’t hardly notice the axe. I would reconsider these elements: the beauty is in the rest of the render. I like his attire though. He should also be in focus.
  • Miss adventure: Really playful colors and concept. Hardly can say anything to suggest, maybe the sail looks a little stiff or low poly or the texture could look better. The background could be a little less bright.
  • Cookiland: It is confusing why it is so much darker in the magnifying glass, but the lens effect is superpar. If the figures can’t be improved, even just a little, I would remove. The metal material is a little distracting because it is so shiny. Also, I thought that was the floor, not a countertop.
  • The edge: Pretty. Nice colors. Legs and arms look a little skinny. The shapes on the left are overlapping somewhat and might be made more discrete or discernable. The monochromatic look works well.
  • Hic!: Cute idea, got a smile. The two standing glasses look identical and lined up, maybe stagger them along the camera’s z axis. The tipped glass wasn’t believable to me. I think it would have rolled away. The light needs to be brighter and the liquid more transparent.
  • Skull: The skull is glowing very brightly… seemed unnatural to me. I’m not drawn to skulls right now, but the two people I know who looked at it really liked it. I enjoyed the rest of the scene. The prop up for the skull seems very clean and smooth for being in a dusty cave.
  • Space explorer: It made me think of a one-eyed monster or a penis. I like the very front with the glass and the lights but the back end just seems a little odd. The hanger door also looks a little oversaturated or something. The whole background is sweet with very industrial labeling and accurate piping, etc. Also like the whole soft misty look of it.
  • The sword: Nice model. Very clean render. Could use some depth effect. Clear style for the sword and lights.
  • Space project: Made me think of a sci-fi book cover or game booklet art. I like the feeling, just wish I could see a little bit more.
  • Suzanne: I really like the colors and the clean render of this. Good DOF. Cohesive color scheme. What is she looking at? Is that her body? I thought that was some pedestal the monkey head was on.
  • Puss: The shapes against the full moon are attractive. The lit sides of the trees are spooky. The rest is too dark and was a turn off to me.
  • Dangerous: Very nice composition and lighting. The man looks so real and the floor texture is great. The sparkle of gem is a nice touch. Cobweb, cool. It’s not as dark as I thought as when I first saw it in the day with glare on the screen. I didn’t like the shape of the doorway, and looking closer I’m not sure if that’s blood. I personally don’t think that’s needed. I don’t like blood.
  • We’re here: When I actually think about all the elements here, it’s a super impressive 3D scene… there is hair, cloth, a human figure, a huge landscape, really cool striped socks. But somehow I wasn’t captivated. Her black cloth feels more like a costume than something real. It looks too thin for the elements. Her hat would blow right off. The ocean looks a little flat. And the rock head feels a little cliche although its well done. Some fog and a just a little DOF would go a long way. And the rock head is so smooth and well defined; if it was ragged and a little obscure… that would be awesome. The birds are really nice and the pose and anatomy are quite attractive and impeccable.
  • Road trip: I like the tires and the car material and color. The steering wheel looks broken, her hair is distracting, and I don’t know why there are little stubs that should support some sort of cabin or windows. The ground plane and sky are too simple for the car model. Nice soft shadows.
  • Speleology: Was too dark to see at first. Now that I’m in the dark, the foliage at the top looks so good. It looks quite realistic and the flames are nice. There is just too much in shadow. I can imagine it being very cloudy up above and foreboding. Not clear where the sun is in the sky. Feel like the lighting could be better.
  • Out there: Really evocative of a certain feeling. Great on the theme. Really nice how the rocks are highlighted down the steps. Really almost perfect. Just wish it was cropped on the edges and was a bit brighter.
  • Boy adventure: Looks like a children’s book, but I like the tree a lot and the gold. The mountains create a nice sense of depth. There is a lot of empty space to the left and the ground plane seems very flat. The gold bars also don’t seem realistic. The rocks are very big. The character seems out-of-style with the rest of the scene and the mountains don’t mesh with the ground plane.
  • Cabin: Peaceful scene, makes me feel good inside. Really tells a story. Great fullness and depth and nature rendering. If there was any way to make the cabin feel more thick, sturdy and full of things… because all the rest looks so good. OH man, the depth is so good the more I look at this: layers of forest, DOF on the close up stump, mist, trees realistically placed. The van model is also amazing. If anything, I feel like it lacks a sense of action: even just a door on the house would tell the story of a person coming to visit. Some firewood would give a sense of someone having chopped wood. A trash can would show that someone lives there. The van gave me a sense of arrival, though. I have a van like that.
  • How did I…: What is going on? Some sort of bow and arrows? The frog looks like a pottery piece, the shirt has a cool texture. The DOF and warpiness makes me feel like I’m on drugs or hallucinating. Reminds me of those kids books where they take adventures like inside the body with red blood cells and stuff.

Congrats beau11, and thanks Boder for voting for mine! Happy to have three votes this week – mine went to MatthewK’s Adventuring can be dangerous (beautiful lighting, composition, and human-silouette use), ARandomHowdy’s Space project challenge artists5 (great glow-style), and object’s Living on the edge (beautifully monochromatic, nice composition).

Also enjoyed Helge’s How did I get into this? (love the frog, but I find the environment profoundly disturbing somehow), texasfunk101’s Get Away Cabin (plenty of vegitation detail), Boder’s A Boy Out for Adventure (that’ll buy some toys), beau11’s Adventure is Out There (brilliant silouetting), 3dnotguru’s Speleology (subtly spooky), fcharr’s Road Trip (now I’ve got “Pink Cadillac” earwormed), 2Rock’s We’re here (he looks hungry!), rigoletto’s Puss in boots (snazzy silouetting), david.speer’s Adventure is Waiting (elegantly Athurian), Millani’s Space Explorer (nice sense of space), Watndit’s Crystal Skull (lovely materials), benibrahim’s Adventure after a certain age. Hic! (looks like somebody’s a bit woozy), Gismo_Wander’s The secret journey through cookiland (looks tasty!), Vampy_monkey’s A slice of miss adventure (very punny, nice water), and tylerkjkjkj’s Cloudman (yep, epic clouds).

Glad you liked it! Turning her smile upside-down’s pretty easy and I’ve done it for a couple of WC entries – for one last year I went further.

I hope you saw my work on the Suzanne mesh: Suzannes

Thanks, I’m glad that worked. :slight_smile: I guess most adventures show up rather unexpectedly. And the moment you notice that you are right in the middle of an adventure, it is already to late to get out.

…and time: Check out the numbers above the doors. :slight_smile:


As Blender’s default test model, Suzanne gets a lot of love (among other things):

Plenty of us have enjoyed working with Suzanne – hope you are too!

Oh, one for December:


@Boder Thanks for the comments!

Haha, the shape is actually based on the pen for my drawing tablet (if you look carefully, the ship has some “buttons” on the side).
I definitely should’ve spent more time on the ship and less on the background.

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OK, some fixes post critique: