Challenge #917 "ABOMINATION" (15/01/21) Entries CLOSED

I was not expecting to be made hungry by any entries with this theme :laughing:


For some reason I landed on an idea that will be really difficult. Might not be able to finish it to the quality I would like.
I really like the theme though!

Awwww, c’mon – the lovecraftian BBQ entries were just a couple weeks ago! :rofl:

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My last free weekend before going back to school so have to have some fun. Great theme. I immediately started thinking of Hellraiser. So off to the drawing board to make a Hellraiser inspired demon thing. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this will make people hungry or the opposite…

The Horror

Pure, Cycles


The hulk has gone wild! pure

this a scary but gross sewage abomination render were I sculpted the hulk and put him in the sewer! I was trying to go for realism so hopefully I achieved that!


Nice render.

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Well the scientists cat hacked up a hairball then like all cats broke the container with the formula X in it causing it to spill out and giving berth to…

“Hairball Abomination”

Pure entry Cycles and filmic


I like this, for a moment you can’t believe anyone would have posted this. Which obviously is the point. I especially like the multiple accounts line.

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Can’t blender artists just IP ban you? Is it really smart to do such a thing and be so antagonistic?

Small World

Slime molds - inspired by Nikon’s Small World.


Abomination in progress. pure cycles and eevee

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I didn’t have time to work on this one except for a little bit on friday, here is the direction I was going. What cannot be unseen.


Looks like I picked the wrong contest thread to come back to. Oh well. Guess its back to donuts I go, they don’t complain or express political or views on everyone just trying to create artworks. Been fun you all, might see you again in another few months.

Love this one reminds me of the fur balls of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, you got my vote that’s for sure :slight_smile:

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Wings of Destiny

Pure entry, 500 samples. Started out with the Undercity guard in mind, and then moved it laterally.


the tribble you must have gone through :wink:

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