Challenge #92 Entries (12/03/04) CLOSED

Theme #91 for 12 march 2004 is: Dr. Seuss
Children everywhere are celebrating the 100th birthday of Dr. Seuss. So this weekend, your goal is to create something inspired by the wacky fun of Dr. Seuss, be it a character or scene. So wake up your inner child and get blending.
Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 17 march 2004.

crazy, if i can find time… this could be the one

Phlip posting possible placeholder purloining position, people perplexed.

hehe, this is going to be so much fun! I love Dr. Suess!


u cant actually participate can you?

I can post an image, I’m just not eligble to be in the voting.

I’m in!!!

…theres a sodel in my model…

Pup in cup (pure blender entry)
Nothing to comment this time…
Pup in cup from the book Hop on pop by Dr. Seuss,
Its give me some Challenge this weekend…

Click here for full size image (800X600-35 Kb)



Hello everybody.

At last I found the topic for this Weekend’s Challenge, and I have one question to argue. Past topics (two months old … as far as I can remember), were general enough for everybody to particupate on them. This week’s one is about a character not everybody knows. We’re not talkin’ about a character as famous as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Woody Woodpecker. For me it is the first time I see it, and I don’t know how to begin.
On the other hand, I also think past topics were abstract enough to make our minds twist and struggle to bulid an image that fits with it. Dr.Seuss is so concrete topic that there is less posibilities to let our mind imagine.

Is there any posibilities to change the topic?

I hope not to disturb anybody.

Thank you.

For ideas go here

Dr. Suess wrote Children’s books. I was looking for a fun whimsical topic. The idea was for eveybody to create fun wacky characters or scenes.

do a search on google

Silly… simple… sufficiently seussical?

Click it :smiley:
(1024x768… expand if scrunched)


Ok, I understood. It’s not the singer but the song.

Thank you for the explanation.

lol wtf is dr.seuss? :-? i think this theme is not fair.
But allright i will see. placeholder

Hmm… I’m in, I gots an idea… If I have the time…

Rather busy, and I couldn’t get my plate of green eggs and ham to look right, so I’m out.

I think that what “makes” Dr. Seuss’s art is the absurd things he did with the shapes of objects. They were always fluid, and always exaggerated. They were also always curves. (Ladies and Gentlemen, start your subsurf’s!)

He also had child’s eye view perspectives on most things, with the camera looking up from very close to the ground. In various biographies and interviews he commented more than once that he felt this was very important in writing a children’s book. The artwork in Dr. Seuss Goes To War (an excellent one BTW) shows a similarly loose drawing-style but a distinctly different treatment from his children’s books.

I’m in, time permitting!

this is tough one - never liked Dr. suss’s drawing, I meen they are very compeling, but they made me nightmares when I was younger - so I’m gonna skip this one.

Had to spend some time this morning actually trying to model like Dr. Seuss drew before deciding whether or not to paticipate. I’m in pending time.

Place holder :slight_smile:

Edit: My first ever WC entry! Pure Blender (text added in Photoshop).

The cat in the hat
On his bottom he sat
In front of the screen
If you see what I mean…

I’d finish this rhyme
But I’ve run out of time…

Large image

Not perfect yet but it’ll have to do :slight_smile: