Challenge #92 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Dr. Seuss

Pure Entries

E-tek [list:5c50551659]
Pup in cup

The cat in the hat
On his bottom he sat
In front of the screen
If you see what I mean…

I’d finish this rhyme
But I’ve run out of time…

Jay Eff
Seussian War

The Lorax speaks for the trees.
And he doesn’t need a thneed.

Silly… simple… sufficiently seussical?

late entry :stuck_out_tongue:

Weeee! First vote! Nethack, you got my vote. I absolutely love the lorax :D.



wow only 5 participants? Is that some kind of record? I think I’ll go with E-tek. All of them are quite good though.



I voted for E-tek, love the simplism


I suspect the reason is that people are working on their F1 cars.

I loved all the entries. I didn’t even get my non participating entry finished (shame on me :stuck_out_tongue: )

But Fly3D got my vote.

damn, i shoulda submited my sh*tty entry, i mighta gotten a vote or two

Wow, a vote. no…two votes! I sure didn’t expect that.
Anyway, I voted for Jay Eff.

Fly3D got my vote, good job.


Nice one, Fly3D. You got my vote :slight_smile:


wow thanks so much theeth :o :smiley:

jeez theres so little entries i might ACTUALLY have a chance this week :wink:

my vote goes to Fly3d, great job dude!


ppsssst theeth - if you happen to read this - that link i gave you just happens to be hotlinkable - hint hint cough cough :wink:

naah its not a big deal :smiley:

I voted Jay-eff, for his origanality…( and a DR. suess war would make a great movie :smiley: )

Robert had such a great idea with the shadow, but Fly3D’s was modelled very well, so I voted for the latter.

Great image again this time. Nethack got my vote. This image really looks like out of a childrens book. Great work!

Jay Eff got my vote, love it, and great toon shading!

They were all very good, but special praise for nethack, excellent first entry!

I think the lack of entries was down to the strange theme, I’ve never read a Dr Seuss book in my life, perhaps they’re only American?

Sorry about that, I honestly thought Dr. Suess books were well known all over. If I get to pick again, I’ll choose something much more generic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Voted for Robert, really like the idea…
I guess it’s was abit hard topic, I dont agree that is becouse PPL didn’t know who his Dr. Seuss, It’s not so popular like in the U.S., but still it is (was <maybe?/!>) familiar all around the wrold…
The problem was it’s was very “narrow” subject, in what concern modeling and style of entry , well it’s the weekend challenge, Isn’t it?


avoda tova, Eyal!

Robertt got my vote for best whimsy combined with style of rendering, but it was tough - Fly3D’s was a great idea and execution as well. I especially thought it was a nice touch to have Blender on the computer screen. Looks like he’ll win, so I went for the slight underdog.