Challenge #927 "Suzanne, Fuchsia, and the Default Cube" (26/03/21) Entries CLOSED

Yep. Sometimes I convert to gifs and the file size balloons enormously.

I like your animation but I think the monkey head should either completely melt off the bottom or turn completely fuchsia from the bottom up (but not both).

Well the thinking was that the melted part is fuchsia. Original concept being that shes oozing the default cube’s blood. I couldn’t be bothered with fluid simulations though

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My critique would be to make the monkey head fuchsia from the beginning and not have it melt at all. I think that would make for a better short animation.

It is somewhat gorier than I envisioned and I don’t particularly care for that so I will take your suggestion.

My thinking is that Suzanne is made from the inner cube material which seems to be fuchsia colored.

“Suzanne shaped hole in a fuschia coloured plastic cube”
Had a lot of fun working on the shaders for this - they’re all procedural, plus there’s a particle system to scatter some small imperfection-bubbles in the plastic (which I converted to a mesh and boolean diffed from the cube)


Here’s a just-for-fun image. Non-competing.

Suzanne :heart: Cube

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Hey Y’all, Excited to participate in this week’s challenge. :grinning:

I call this, “On the Menu”

Image Description : A delicious Suzanne Roast, along with the accompanying Lemons, fried Potatoes; a Default Cube Gravy for taste and A Fuchsia Drink to go along. :blush: Also Fork, spoons, knifes etc.,

Pure Submission. Competing. Cycles Render. Used compositor for Denoise. All textures are procedural except for Lemon which I texture painted and Grass in the background (individual strands have downloaded texture). Hair simulation for the Grass in the background. Depth of field was used. Sample was 256.

Hope y’all like it. Love all of your Creativities :relaxed:

am rendering in Cycles after a long time actually I think :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


For some reason it reminds me of the cow from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy bbc miniseries.

Great entry. Can you post up the fuchsia flower head as a just-for-fun picture for the final tally?

Animations have been fine in the past. I think we should keep it that way. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to. I’ll keep it non-competing for the moment. But, if you want to compete - just change it back . :wink:

Hehe guess I can see some resemblance too :thinking:

I hope rigoletto doesn’t mind me re-uploading for the contest assume he’s not around.

rigoletto original (would be just-for-fun not competing)

Reflections of a Cube
Non competing

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Great stuff everybody, ya done me proud!

Suzanne’s Fuchsia Amarylis

Non-competing, pure, Cycles render, 32 samples & compositor denoising in 2.92.0. Rule of Thirds (kinda) composition, 8x5 aspect ratio, roughly square hue palette. Environment is Blender’s Nishita Sky Texture node. Thing I did for this that I’ve never done in Blender before: made a planter out of the Default Cube (no changes to the mesh, not even scaling, that’s all modifiers and a shader). Intended to do more on this (like a flower, somewhat more detailed environment), but ran out of time.

SuzannesAmaryllisBud024.blend (1.5 MB)

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Next challenge: Pick a winner!


Nah its fine, its a bit on weirder side. Not quite art-sy enough for me.

Congratulations everyone.

Time for some :tropical_drink: and :sleeping:

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@HazelQ She barely fits… poor thing.
Which render engine please? Is it bi-directional ray tracing?