Challenge #929 "colossal" (09/04/21) Entries CLOSED

Good point.

Oh boy, here we go again…

I think we should add a rule to the challenge stating that anyone who talks about politics here has 6 hours to post a render of a cute animal (related to the week’s theme), otherwise they get their Blender license revoked for 6 months.


Thumbs up! I don’t see any other way to deal with this. :slight_smile:


Hello, big
Open, cycles 1024 samples, <30sec. rendertime, used an hdri from and ANT terrain generator for some mountains, that i joined and merged together with shrinkwrap and merged by distance, which works surprising good. 60000 particle trees. The giants and the ent are a proof that every bad model could look good with the right size. :smiley:

Fixed the tree material and lightning.


All human existence is politics. Every single one of us is alive because of politics, our freedom to make art is protected by politics, our freedom to discuss art is politics, the Internet on which this forum exists was created by politics and owes its continued existence to politics, being able to have forums on it is politics, the copywrite laws that support open-source software such as Blender are of course politics (which makes the fact that it’s license-free also politics).

The Weekend Challenge has sometimes had overtly political themes with little trouble – it gets profoundly political entries with little complaint. (Few votes, usually, but little complaint.) The very concept that my bare-minimum post linking to information that influences my voting (therefor on-topic) on a subject already under discussion was somehow inappropriate is political. My preference to reduce my support of media that, however subtly (or “subtly”, being on the autism spectrum I frequently miss nuance), advocates for killing some of our forum members (which would prevent them from using Blender) is of course political, but so are any objections.

If someone posted that they didn’t think Suzanne’s use was pure for the Weekend Challenge (pre-existing model) and therefor wouldn’t be voting for any Pure entries that used it, that’s politics. Lower-stakes politics than fan-art of genocidally-bigoted media as entries in the Weekend Challenge, but still. I wouldn’t agree with such a post, nor would I imply that it didn’t belong here.

Suzanne’s a cute animal, right?

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“Offer your hearts”


Apparently this needs to be said, but I do not agree with the assassination of some of our forum members, even though apparently this render supports it…?

Here are the files of my project, but I advice against taking a peek at it. It’s messy and would take quite a substantial amount of chaotic energy for anyone to like seeing the project.

Edit: Choosing both anime and blender as escapism was really an awful idea



non competing (pure), Cycles (128 samples + NLM denoising)

Inspired by the Hermannsdenkmal and Excalibur.


From the sea

created and rendered with eevee in blender 2.92.


Thats a nice boat!


Great job! I love the Susanne scout and great modelling/sculpting with the colossal titan! also, if you could change what you were going to do for escapism from blender and anime what would you do then?

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The Big Money

Open entry, 1000 samples. All models were taken from previous entries:
Crazy Hats :: Beyond the Wall of Pink (
NIL :: The Empty Set (
My Home Town :: Frozen in Time (
Flight :: On Wings of an Angel (
There Is A First Time For Everything :: Original Science (


Subject 4


Edit: Cable-tweaking, reduced prominence of text and dimmed screen a bit.


What about change the sword in a nail clippers? :rofl:

Thank you so much. I think I would do more gaming as escapism.

I actually thought about replacing it with nail scissors! But at 4AM I had to keep it quick and simple. :wink:

When Worlds Collide, Pure (WIP)





The Colossal Cup

Pure competing entry

Based off of the concept of the Tri-Wizard tournament cup from Harry Potter, and the Holy Grail, the idea is kinda that the ‘winner’ gets “Colossal” fame.

Cycles render, 1024 samples. 1600000 simulated particles + 3 fire sims and one 1800000 particle fluid sim.


Pure: all new, all Blender (and addons shipped with Blender).
Updated with the larger (and more samples) overnight render. Went a little darker this time. Also, realized I had left out the diffuse pass in the compositor, so the ground was all black. Far less denoise smearing now, but still had a couple hot pixels that despeckle and denoise just couldn’t overcome. Would be easy enough to retouch them out.


Cycles (200) pure entry 2.83.

Thanks for the doing these contest.