Challenge #929 "colossal" (09/04/21) Entries CLOSED


When I find myself in times of trouble, Toooon Shaaary-der comes to me.

Colossal duel

Open. I’ve used my mech model from challenge #920 also composition is made in GIMP


Indeed, it can really speed things up.
One thing I’m using a lot is Pointiness. Especially with high detail sculpts this can do magic for 5/last minute materials. :slight_smile:


I used GIMP a lot so mine is Open then. (maybe too much GIMP)

As I remember not along time ago was conversation about what is “OPEN” and “PURE” so every time when I use gimp (even just a litlle) or my previous model I call it OPEN

Best to be safe. If you just did some basic layers and compositing though then for sure you could be PURE.

Colossal Ruins

Open (Lions are photoscans from, textures are from texture haven and/or
Finished this in the nick of time!


Ah… Pointiness. I like it. It gives detail in the same way the inkwash technique that is used in miniature painting gives detail. Darkening the lower parts and lightening the higher parts.


eevee, pure


Elephant’s Dream even talks about the colossus


Absolutely, it is like washing and dry brushing. One could even add a simple vertex paint base coat for additional variations. That miniature painting analogy goes a long way. :slight_smile:

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Would you mind linking to the toon shader you used? Trying to google “toon shader” and “Blender” comes up with a bewildering range of results. :flushed:

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I just used the cycles toon bsdf:
Screenshot (67)
It also helped that I had some interesting lights set up to add some extra glowyness to the eyes, and multiple lights at different colors and angles to give it depth. An HDRI could be a simple way to give this depth and variation.

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In case you’re interested, I made an eevee toon material (the toon bsdf is only supported in cycles)

Since I had colored lights, I could not just simply coloramp it. I had to use a similar coloramp to see what my material would look in the correct color with lights. I took that and mixed it into my original using the value of my new color.


Want to skip Thursday and go straight to Friday? This way =>

(Take care and watch your step!)

Super artwork ! How did you do for the lightning : is it drawn or used a trick ?

Looks like a curve to me.

Thanks. Yes, it is a curve. I modeled a rough shape with metaballs, and grew an ivy up it to get the initial shape. Then went into edit mode and removed most of the ivy segments, rearranged and repositioned the remaining segments, and tapered the main leader so it would be larger than the streamers. For the shader, I found that a volume emission gave the best results.

I accidentally cut off quite a bit of the lightning; clipped it into the ground, doh! I’ll revisit this render at some point with a proper landscape. And I’ll likely spend more time working on the form of the lightning.

If anyone else has a good technique for making lightning, let us know! This is just what I came up with :).


I was wondering how you did it too. Thanks for explaining. Just noticed you got 2nd/3rd too congrats.

I made a version similar to @Boder’s suggestion:

Just a quick concept. I’m planning to improve it in the future. This might make a good poster.

It’s just a makehuman, and I haven’t weight painted it yet, so you will notice some errors.