Challenge #930 "An Accident" (16/04/21) Entries CLOSED

Loose Screws


A Happy Accident:

Pure, but late :cry:


I like the scene.
Bob speaks often about “little happy accidents”. Hard to get the joke it you dont know his vids:

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But who doesn’t? :wink:


Yes, that might be true. I even recognized as kid he was even on tv, but at this time i wanted to look other things like A-Team or a “Colt for all cases”. :smiley:

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I guess all of those are still broadcasted around the word. They must have done something right. :slight_smile:

It is too late to change the voting. However, I added the entry to the non-competing ones.

At least in Germany, The Joy of Painting has been on TV every night somewhere between 1 and 5 AM, for years. So I guess, by now, he is probably used to being late. :wink:

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Appreciate it. Brain stupidly turned 12h30am into 12:30 and not 00:30. :man_facepalming:

Well, personally, I find this one of the most confusing aspects of the AM/PM system. :wink: