Challenge #931 "The Playground" (23/04/21) Entries CLOSED


non competing (pure), Cycles (128 samples + NLM denoising), Blender 2.93 Beta


Parkour playground:

Pure, no compositing. 2.92 Cycles (128 Samples, NLM Denoise). Humans are new skin modifier experiments. Stacks are a geometry nodes experiment. Enjoy!


Antocalypse Now
Pure, cycles 1024 samples, ~3 min. rendertime, my first idea was the ants battling against an bully burning them with an magnifying glass, but that seems to much complicated so i turned to lego soldiers.
All made in blender. The textures are made in gimp, for the surfboard i used an original and fixed the bad lighting on it. Here is a nice tutorial for simple facial expressions:
Was fun, but i spent to much time instead of fixing my dripping water tap this weekend. :smiley:


Nice render rigoletto. I like the composition and colors in this image.

The Lighted Stage Part Deux

Open entry, 1000 samples. The drums were taken from Music :: The Lighted Stage (, and the members of what resembles Rush are clones of the guy in In the Shadows :: Underneath a Gas Lamp (

PS: the playground could be a garden: Rush - The Garden (Lyrics) - YouTube


If you have time before the contest ends, I think you might try making the red shovel read better.

(And also the water looks a little like quicksilver)

Title: Playground Builder

Not sure if I’ll have time to finish this tomorrow, so posting what I have.


Neat idea.

Thanks, i played alot around with the colors, i tried to make it more colorful, but at least lower saturation and less sun made it. The composition was a bit fiddly cause the sizes are not correct, the far away units are all scaled down, maybe a bit to much.

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:slight_smile: Its a playground on a playground.

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Here is update of my entry:


pure entry, cycles 200. mostly playing around with texture painting and the “layer painter” add on.


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Monkey Play

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The Creepy playground.

Open. I’ve used few model from my other projects, also tree is made with M Tree addon, composition is made in GIMP


The Creepy Monkey

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little fog and jaws … and it will be scary :slight_smile: Nice work

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Updated… LOL :wink:

I like your creation. How’d you do the leaf texture?

I think you replied to the wrong post.

you are correct I meant to direct my question to @3dnotguru