Challenge #932 "Anime" (30/04/21) Entries CLOSED

I bet that topic is go to be a nsfw thread too :smiley:


Yeah. I watched the first season a while ago. Pretty good. I still have to watch the second one.

Yato’s shrine
Pure, eevee, all made in blender, just the sign is painted in gimp, the sign on the donation box is knifed, the rest are procedural textures only, didnt use a toon shader, just freestyle and a simple stretched vorony for the comic lines. I think i get it pretty close.

By fixing the window i guessed it would be nice to get a realistic tealight in it. Here is the final version. Switched to cycles, 512 samples, rendetime <3 min.

BTW, anybody knows why the alpha from gimp is not linear to the alpha in blender, i tired to make the flame more realistic with more transparent but i cant get it working.
yato_shrine8.blend (482.1 KB)
kerzenflamme.xcf (349.5 KB)

Old version

Ups, i forget the window, fix it later.


Polygon Shinto Shrine - non competing

As Anime as I could get for a low poly scene.


Girl and Senpai: A Chance Encounter!?

Pure, cycles (with HDRI for sky & distant background). Not fan art for any specific anime, btw.!



non competing (pure), Eevee, Blender 3.0 Alpha



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I think @Helge googled for anime with a typo, and come on this:
Right? :smiley:

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Sword fight

Didn’t really come together the way I had envisioned. Nearly every aspect of this was new for me, so I learned quite a bit for next time :).
Not so much in the hand-drawn anime style, just using the themes of : 1) ridiculously large broadswords, 2) katanas, 3) superpowers displayed in primary colors, 4) fast motion leaving a sweeping trail.
The atmospheric smoke and fire where this fight was supposed to take place never quite looked right, so I left it out.

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Girl Power

Open entry, 1000 samples. The model was taken from a previous entry. This week I had a short weekend due to working on Saturday. Spent most of it sleeping, and shopping.

That’s very good, especially all the modeling. The brick wall looks strange at the corner tho. The house might fit the composition better (like maybe if the roof slanted less).

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It’s Amine in the Anime style. Boggles the mind.

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Anime Bunny
Pure (touched up in GIMP)



Non-competing, EEVEE + Freestyle. Using old model from a past challenge on another forum with similar theme.

Model :


Nice shading.

Actually, I was searching for a way to misinterpret the theme in a pun way. But that didn’t work, so I checked ‘Anime’ for nice anagrams. “Amine” works great and the rearranged letters also look very similar which (as @Boder said) amplifies the mind boggling. :wink:

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Pure - Started out with a simple wheel model so I could focus on the shaders and lighting, then started building the rest of the bike and the ground. Rendered in Eevee.

Currently a WIP but I doubt I’m going to have time to get it to a stage I’d call “finished” today. Hopefully will update later with a bit more detail on the bike’s body and background.
Update: some more modelling on the bike.
Update: added a rider (some crude low poly modelling plus subdiv - first time modelling a person!)



A random anime-like character (not based on any anime) makes a shocking revelation.

Pure. Eevee render. No post-processing. No freestyle. New sculpt (it has the anime eyes, but ended up with this nose :man_shrugging: clearly a style that needs more practice but ran out of time).

Most of the time was spent on new materials (including the world shader). Learnt that the Fresnel node can also be [ab]used for outlines. The Shader to RGB and Snap Vector Math nodes are doing most of the cell-work.



Tanjiro’s Sword from Demon Slayer

This was quick and dirty, and doesn’t look that great. But I wanted to make something this week. So here it is. Everything was done in blender. I used Mac Coyzkie’s YT,, vid as a guide for a few parts, but I didn’t copy him or anything. If I had it would’ve actually looked good lol.


Nice and simple.
I think it would a great improve with a bright spot on the blade, also for a more dramatic shadow and a bright reflection.

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